Tips to Help Create a Weight Loss Diet Plan

Tips to Help Create a Weight Loss Diet Plan

To successfully lose weight I would recommend that you create a weight loss diet plan, which will act as a blueprint for success.

While your diet plan may differ from everyone else’s, there will be certain characteristics common among them all.

Lets look at some tips to help you create a weight loss diet plan of your own.

Create a diet plan based on activity levels

As mentioned above, no two people are alike so your weight loss diet plan will need to be individually tailored to you.

Now, your metabolism is likely to be different so instead of focussing on calculations and measurements I am going to look at activity levels instead.

In particular at those who are not active (sedentary) or moderately active, as those are the two groups most likely to need to lose weight.

How to create a plan if you are sedentary?

A sedentary person is someone who will typically have an office job, so will be sat for long periods of the day.

You may also be placed in this category if you spend the majority of your leisure time watching TV or undertaking other activities that do not involve any movement.

If you are in this category then chances are you need to cut back on what you are currently eating.

The main reason is that as your activity levels are low you do not need as much energy-dense foods.

It is probably a good idea to cut out fatty meats and foods that are full of starch.

Around 30% of your food should be proteins, so eggs, fish or chicken for example. 50% should be non-starchy vegetables like broccoli.

The remaining percentage can be used then for fruits, starchy foods and fats.

As a rule you should opt for ‘whole’ foods as these are minimally processed so will be better for your overall health.

It is also a good idea to try and increase your activity levels too.

Diet SuccessThis does not necessarily mean joining the gym, but you can do things during the day to increase the number of calories burnt.

For example, you could walk to the shops or take the stairs instead of the elevator. You will be surprised at the ways that you can increase your own activity levels.

What about if you are moderately active?

Those who are moderately active are those who spend the majority of the day either standing or walking, those who work in a shop or restaurant for example.

People who work in an office can be classed as moderately active if they are involved in sports or other active hobbies.

As you are more active than those in the sedentary category you will have more leeway with your food choices.

You should still try to avoid fatty meats, but the occasional indulgence wont harm.

You could also add more starchy foods to your diet too, but try not to go too overboard.

Aim to eat around 30% proteins, 40% non-starchy foods and the remaining 30% used for starchy foods, sweets and fats.

You should continue to be as active as possible, not only for weight loss but for your overall health too.

Track your progress and adjust if needed

I would suggest downloading an app like MyFitnessPal or similar to track your calorie intake, or if you prefer use a pen and paper.

Track your calorie intake and actual energy demands, and if you are not seeing any weight loss perhaps think about making adjustments.

You should allow yourself a few weeks before you drop your calorie intake, as sometimes it can take a little while to see any changes.

If after this time has elapsed no changes have been noted then drop your calorie intake slowly.


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