Ways to Help Crush Food Cravings

Ways to Help Crush Food Cravings

Are you trying to lose weight after the recent festivities? If so you have no doubt made the decision to start eating a little healthier.

Unfortunately despite your best intentions you are failing to eat as healthily as you need to be as food cravings are getting in the way.

Luckily for you the following tips will help you to crush food cravings, and help you to start eating better, which in turn will help with your weight loss efforts.

#1: You crave chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? There is little wonder that this one of the most craved foods, yet obviously giving into your cravings will not result in the weight loss you desire.

To combat your cravings for chocolate I would suggest chocolate. Now this may seem like a silly tip, but what I mean is to swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate.

It is a healthier alternative as the darker the chocolate the more antioxidants it will contain, and the less sugar.

This means that you can indulge your sweet tooth without too much harm to your waistline.

#2: You crave something sweet

If you want to lose weight then it is a good idea to try to cut back on your intake of sugar, in particular those foods that contain added sugars.

The problem is that sugar is incredibly addictive so can be hard to resist the cravings.

Giving into them just leaves you craving more, so what can you do?

Pomegranate arilsMy suggestion to you would be to look to eat foods with natural sugars rather than those with processed sugars as these are simply ‘empty calories’, that serve very little nutritional benefit.

This means that you should try the following:

  • Prunes – these are naturally sweet, yet only contain 25 calories each
  • Pomegranate arils – these are the seeds of a pomegranate and are full of sweetness and health boosting antioxidants

Most fruits are a good choice though, just try to avoid fruit juices as these are not as healthy as you would think.

Even those fruit juices without added sugars are best avoided. This is because the fibre has been removed, which means you are consuming calories but are not getting full. Choose whole fruits instead.

#3: You crave something crunchy

Many of us those the taste of crisps (potato chips) but overindulging in them is certainly not a good idea if weight loss is your goal.

A typical bag of crisps could contain as many as 150 calories, which according to research by Harvard University could amount to a weight gain of over 1 and a half pounds over the course of a year if eaten every day.

A better alternative would be popcorn, but it must be free of salt and butter. A cup will contain just 30 calories and is made from heart healthy whole grain.

Nuts are also a good alternative as they are full of filling fibre and protein. You just need to be careful not to overindulge in them. As well as making sure to avoid those covered in salt.

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