How to Curb Your Appetite While Exercising

How to Curb Your Appetite While Exercising

Have you ever noticed that often while you exercise you will suffer from food cravings? If you do and are trying to lose weight then these cravings could ruin your efforts if you are not careful.

Read on to discover ways that you can use to curb your appetite while exercising:

#1: Eat the right foods

To avoid suffering hunger cravings while you exercise it is important to make sure that you are eating the right kind of foods that will keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

I would suggest that for your main meals you eat foods that will add a lot of volume to your meal without adding lots of calories.

This would mean filling up on foods such as:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Protein
  • Complex carbohydrates

You should aim to consume around 20 grams of protein for breakfast, with another 30 grams for lunch and dinner.

Fibre is also important for warding off cravings as it helps to bulk out your meals. Try to aim to consume at least 25 grams daily.

You should also not forget about fats either as these can help keep you feeling satisfied too. Just make sure you consume foods that contain ‘healthy’ fats, so nuts, seeds and avocados are all a good choice.

I would suggest you try to avoid refined (processed) carbs like breads and cereals etc, as these are quickly burnt by your body, which will result in further cravings.

#2: Eat more often throughout the day

If you tend to eat 2-3 main meals per day then you are more likely to suffer from food cravings while exercising.

ExerciseMy suggestion to you would be to increase the number of times you eat, but obviously reduce the meal sizes.

Doing so will ensure you are always satisfied as you are never allowing yourself to go too hungry.

#3: Workout before you eat

The final tip to ensure you do not suffer from cravings while you exercise is to make sure you workout before your main meals.

Doing so will mean that you can sit down at the end of your workout without having to feel guilty about eating.

I would still suggest eating a small pre-workout snack to give you the energy to complete your workout.

You may find that you will want to eat more after working out, which is why you will need to pay close attention to your own body. You should aim to stop when you are ‘satisfied’ rather than when you are ‘full’.

Overeating after working out will surely negate the benefits you will experience through the exercise itself.

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