6 Ways to Curb your Sugar Intake

6 Ways to Curb your Sugar Intake

A recent report has stated that the average Briton will consume as much as 238 teaspoons of sugar each week. This is the equivalent to 40 cans of Coke, which is definitely not a good thing.

Too much sugar in your diet can cause numerous negative effects on your body, for example it can cause weight gain with increases in belly fat, while also causing damage to your heart, which will lead to a decrease in your life expectancy.

Sugar is also addictive so just a small amount will lead to further cravings that are going to be difficult to ignore.

However, if you are suffering from sugar cravings yet wish to cut back on the amount of sugar you currently consume then please read on, here are 6 ways that you can use to curb your sugar intake:

#1: Eat some cinnamon

Studies have shown that eating cinnamon could help to control your blood glucose levels, which in turn will help with your sugar cravings.

Cinnamon contains naturally occurring compounds that can help to improve your insulin sensitivity that will therefore help to reduce those insulin spikes after you have eaten.

Apart from fewer sugar cravings, another benefit of this would be that you are more satisfied post-meal too.

#2: Eat some raw cacao

Raw cacao can help to curb sugar cravings due to its high chromium content; a mineral that has been proven to help control blood sugar levels.

This is not the only benefits though as raw cacao contains many other essential minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, zinc and magnesium that offer various other health benefits including the ability to reduce your risk of developing diabetes.

Just be careful not to heat the cacao as doing so with reduce its effectiveness.

#3: Try fasting

The occasional fast could help to reboot your body and help return your blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity to normal levels.

It does this by retraining itself to burn fat as its primary fuel rather than simply relying on sugar to give it its highs.

#4: Avoid caffeine

Next time you are thirsty and are craving a caffeine-rush then think twice as this could encourage sugar cravings. This is because caffeine can cause a drop in blood sugar levels.

Instead of a coffee or other caffeine-rich beverage drink a caffeine-free herbal tea instead.

These are full of antioxidants that can help to curb these sugar cravings.

#5: Eat fenugreek

Fenugreek are small yellow seeds that are popular in Indian cuisine. You could try chewing them to cut your sugar cravings, which they can help you achieve due to their bitter, burnt sugar flavour.

The National Center For Complementary and Integrative Health have revealed that fenugreek has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, although it should be stated that this was a relatively small study.

#6: Use coconut oil

The ability to curb your sugar cravings is not the only benefit of coconut oil as it can also help to burn fat, while also helping to reduce your risk of heart disease.

The reason why it is so beneficial to your health is because of the medium-chain fatty acids that it contains, meaning that it can help fuel your body without causing any insulin spikes.

After an insulin spike it will inevitably fall, resulting in those sugar cravings you often experience.

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