How to cut 500 calories from your diet?

How to cut 500 calories from your diet?

If you are overweight or obese then one of the most effective ways to lose weight is by cutting your calorie intake.

Of course cutting it too much may not work in the long run, which is why it is recommended that you only cut 500 calories from your diet.

Doing so will result in a more gradual loss of weight, but how can you reduce your calorie intake by such an amount? Read on to discover a few tips you could use to achieve your goal:

#1: How many calories do you need?

If you want to lose weight you firstly need to look at how many calories you need to consume daily to maintain your weight.

There are numerous online tools you can use that can help with this number, and they will look at things like your height, weight and activity levels amongst others.

Once you have figured out this number you will have a better idea of how many calories you should consume to lose weight.

#2: Watch out for meal deals

When out and about it is easy to be tempted by meal deals, however although you may save a few pennies just think about all those extra calories consumed.

#3: Watch your portion sizes

An easy way to get carried away with your calorie consumption is by overfilling your plates.

By checking you are serving the correct portion sizes you will be able to lose weight. A simple tip would be to eat from a smaller sized plate.

#4: Eat more vegetables

Rather than eating processed foods that offer very little nutritionally, fill your plate with vegetables instead.

Vegetables contain very few calories but are full of essential nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis.

#5: Choose a healthy snack

We all feel hunger cravings from time to time, but rather than choosing a chocolate or a packet of crisps the next time you are hungry reach for some fruit instead.

Healthy snackIf a bowl of fruit is already laid out it will be easier for you to make the healthy choice.

#6: Eat at home

By preparing your meals at home you will know exactly what it is that has gone into the food, whereas if you were to eat out there is simply no way of knowing.

Even those restaurants that state the calorie content of their food are only using a rough guide.

#7: Hide the biscuits

Who doesn’t love the occasional biscuit? Well, if you are a fan you will know how hard it is just to have the one.

Often one biscuit will turn into half a packet, so either stop buying them or hide them from sight.

#8: Drink water

Water is the best thing for you to drink. Especially when compared to those caffeinated soft drinks full of sugars and sweeteners.

It contains zero calories, but offers various weight loss benefits. For instance water can help with appetite suppression and can flush away those toxins that have built up within your body.

It is these toxins that prevent weight loss from occurring.

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