Should You Cut Calories or Carbs for Weight Loss?

Should You Cut Calories or Carbs for Weight Loss?

There are many different weight loss myths and diets recommended by so-called experts that may not give you the desired weight loss rewards.

Take calories for example, losing weight is not as simple as cutting calories as not all calories are the same.

The same goes for carbs, certain diets would recommend cutting them entirely, but this is a mistake. Your body actually needs carbs.

What can you do then to achieve your weight loss goals? Lets look at how calories and carbs can affect your weight.

Cutting calories results in weight loss

In simplistic terms this is accurate, but the reality is that it is not as simple as this.

For example, different foods contain different nutrients that contain more or less calories. The problem is that certain nutrients are more filling than others.

To be able to stick to a diet long-term it needs to be filling and satisfying, otherwise you are unlikely to stick with it.

Weight LossInstead of looking at food purely in terms of calories, you will likely see better results looking at foods that promote satiety.

All carbs are bad for you

This is a myth that has been perpetuated for decades, but the truth is that without carbs your body will not function properly.

Most probably your energy levels will take a nose-dive amongst other issues.

There are both good and bad types of carb, it is best to avoid processed carbs, but other carbs are essential.

I would suggest opting for carbs that are made using whole grains instead.

Portion sizes ARE important

Now that you know that weight loss is not as simple as cutting calories and carbs we can look at portion sizes.

A common issue we face daily is that we fill our plates to the brim, and then proceed to devour it all, even if we are full half way through the meal.

Even if your plate is filled with healthy foods you should still stop yourself from finishing the meal.

Healthy foods have calories too, and forcing yourself to eat more than you need is certainly not a good habit to have.

If you want to lose weight you need to find a healthy balance, chose the right food choices and opt for an adequate but not too large portion size.

Doing so will ensure you are satisfied and are still able to lose weight.


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