Cut calories without deprivation

Cut calories without deprivation

A proven way to lose weight is by cutting calories. However, this can be difficult as it will often involve depriving yourself of some of your favourite foods.

Is there a way to cut calories without deprivation? Read on to discover a few methods you can use that wont leave you feeling tired, miserable and hungry.

#1: Watch out for sugar

An easy way to cut calories is by buying unsweetened varieties of some of your favourite foods.

Not only does the sugar contain calories, but consuming sugar will cause a spike in your blood sugar levels too. Once these fall you will experience further cravings for sugar, which can be a difficult cycle to get out of.

It is also important to avoid adding sugar to otherwise healthy options too, again for the reasons already stated.

#2: Pack a snack

When out and about be prepared for hunger cravings by preparing yourself a healthy snack.

We all experience hunger cravings but you cannot let them ruin your attempts to lose weight.

Rather than buying something unhealthy when you are out, if you have taken something healthy to eat you wont need to fall for the temptation. Therefore ensuring your cravings are satisfied without the unnecessary calorie consumption.

#3: Be careful of your dairy intake

Dairy products can add lots of calories to your daily limit without adding much nutritionally.

If possible cut back on the cow’s milk, try almond milk instead.

Also you need to watch out for your cheese consumption, try not to add it to your sandwiches and try to cut back on the amount present on your pizza topping too.

#4: Eat more vegetables

If you feel that cutting calories will leave you feeling hungry then you need to realise that by adding vegetables to your meals you will be able to bulk them up without adding too many calories.

Most vegetables are good for you, they contain various nutrients but contain very few calories or fat. This makes them perfect for anyone on a diet.

#5: Eat at home

When you eat at home it is easier for you to track what it is exactly that you are eating.

Not only will you be able to make sure you are eating an appropriate portion size but you will also be able to prepare it using the healthiest methods.

Most take-out and restaurant food will have added salt, which can derail an otherwise healthy diet.

#6: Check the portion sizes

If you want to lose weight then you need to check that the portion sizes of your food is correct. If it is then you will be allowed those foods you love but in moderation.

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