8 Ways to cut sugar out of your diet

8 Ways to cut sugar out of your diet

You have no doubt heard in the news how sugar in our diets is the main reason why we are all getting fatter.

In the past it was said that fat in our diets was the main contributor but the conclusion that sugar is the real reason raises a few issues.

One problem is how do we go about reducing the amount of sugar we currently consume? Perhaps these following tips will help cut sugar out of your diet, ensuring we are then able to start living healthier while losing a little weight.

#1 – Avoid dried and fruit juices

Although fruit is full of vitamins, minerals and fibre that can help improve your health, you should try to avoid eating dried versions or drinking fruit juices as these are sugar concentrated versions that have lost most of their benefits.

Some have even had sugar added to them to make them appear tastier.

#2 – Look at the labels

Next time you go shopping before you put the food in the trolly make sure you read the label to see its sugar content.

You may be surprised with what you see, with foods such as low-fat yoghurt, breakfast cereals, energy drinks and bottled drinks all being high in sugar.

#3 – Cut back on condiments

Condiments like tomato ketchup are full of sugar, so perhaps you should cut back on the amount you eat.

#4 – Watch out for sugar coated snacks

This may seem an obvious tip but you should be buying uncoated versions of your favourite snacks or choose a healthier alternative instead.

#5 – Choose cereals carefully

Frosted cereals are obviously full of sugar, so should be avoided. You may be surprised to learn that the cereals aimed at children are some of the worst offenders.

#6 – Avoid fruit flavoured yoghurts

Fruit flavoured yoghurts are usually full of added sugars, as much as a can of Coke in some instances.

Instead buy a healthy plain yoghurt and your favourite fruit and mix them together for a healthy alternative.

#7 – Cut sugar cravings with protein

When you get those sugar cravings instead of reaching for a sugary snack instead choose a snack rich in protein, such as an egg or some cottage cheese.

Protein rich snacks are a much healthier alternative and can keep your cravings at bay better than those rich in sugar.

#8 – Choose a low-sugar dessert

Dark chocolate contains less sugar than milk chocolate, so can give you a treat without the sugar content.

You should again make sure you read the labels before you buy the dessert to see which contains the least sugar content.

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