10 Ways to Cut Your Sugar Intake

10 Ways to Cut Your Sugar Intake

In this day and age with obesity affecting millions of people daily something needs to be done.

Perhaps if you were able to cut your sugar intake you would be in a better position to lose weight, unfortunately sugar is addictive and it is not very easy to simply quit.

Sugar is after all in a lot of the foods we eat, so is there a way to reduce your intake? Read on to learn a few methods:

#1: Cut back slowly

Going cold turkey may not be the best idea for the vast majority of people as sugar will be such a big part of their lives.

What you need to do is cut back on those foods that contain sugar slowly. Before long you will be consuming very little sugar and you will feel infinitely better about it.

Start off by cutting back on your intake of cakes, biscuits and ice cream.

#2: Watch out for artificial sweeteners

While you may think that replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners maybe a good idea, the reality is that they could make your sugar cravings worse.

In my opinion I would give them a wide-berth.

#3: Experiment

There are certain foods that you will eat that cause sugar cravings or binges. The key to cutting your sugar intake is finding out what foods cause these cravings, and to avoid them if possible.

#4: Keep yourself busy

The next time you experience sugar cravings instead of giving in to them, go do something productive instead to try and keep your mind off them.

Eventually you will be able to beat these cravings with very little willpower.

#5: You can still eat fruit

While fruits contain sugar, these natural sugars are not as bad for you as the processed variety.

They can even help you overcome your cravings.

#6: Prepare your meals in advance

If your meals are prepared ahead of time you will be less inclined to reach for a pre-packaged ready meal when you are ready for dinner.

SugarThese ready meals are full of sugar and additives so they are best avoided.

When preparing your meals you will know exactly what has gone into it.

#7: Eat more protein

Rather than eating sugary foods eat those foods that are full of protein such as fish, lean meat and eggs.

These types of food are slow to digest so can help keep you feeling full. They will also release energy slowly so you wont experience the energy lull you would associate with a sugar crash.

#8: Have an occasional treat

Just because you want to cut back on your sugar intake does not mean that you cannot treat yourself occasionally.

These treats will help keep you from bingeing, just make sure you eat them in moderation.

#9: Get your fat content elsewhere

Despite what you might have heard, fat is important for everyones diet. Just make sure it is the right kind of fat.

This means that you should steer clear of processed or hydrogenated fats, instead try to get it from healthier sources such as nuts, avocados or ghee.

#10: You don’t have to quit alcohol

Just because you are cutting your sugar intake does not mean you have to stop drinking alcohol.

It just means that you need to make better choices when choosing what alcoholic beverage you will be drinking on a night out.

Of course alcopops are outs but you can still enjoy yourself by drinking vodka, gin or rum. Just make sure to limit your consumption as too much alcohol has its own list of health problems associated with it.

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