Cycling for weight loss

Cycling for weight loss

It is little wonder that so many people have started to take up cycling. Not only is a great way to burn off calories but it can also be fun and as a bonus you will be saving the environment.

Using the following tips you can take up your new hobby and get fit while losing weight while on your bike.

#1 – Take it slowly

One of the biggest mistakes you can do is simply buy a bike and then go for a long ride without building up to the distance.

When you first start 20 minutes will be plenty of time to give yourself a good workout, you can then build up the times and distances, and also the number of times each week you go out.

You will soon see improvements and it will become easier and easier each session.

#2 – Get a target to aim for

If there are any upcoming cycle races or events you can enter then this will give you something to aim for in your training.

You could also aim to improve your own times over a set distance.

#3 – Have a contingency plan

If you don’t fancy going out on your bike in the winter when the nights have drawn in and the wet and windy weather is upon you. Perhaps you could take up a spinning session instead?

Spinning for weight lossThis will enable you to get a good workout doing what you love. You may even make a friend or two, which is always a bonus.

#4 – Sort out your diet

If your aim is to lose weight then you cannot rely solely on exercise to achieve your goal. Of course cycling is a step in the right direction but you are never going to see the best results if you do not change your diet for the better.

For certain you should cut back on the junk food and takeaways. Replacing them with fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein sources such as chicken, fish and turkey.

Remember a healthy diet will give you adequate fuel to make the most of your time on the bike.

You should also make sure you drink plenty of water while cycling, to replace the lost fluids.

One final tip

My final tip is to be safe. Wear your protective clothing, especially your helmet.

Stick to the rules of the road and don’t take risks, remember that you are a lot smaller than a motor-vehicle and it will certainly hurt if you are involved in an accident.

Stay safe, have fun and lose weight.

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