Is CytoTrim Pro a scam?

Is CytoTrim Pro a scam?

CytoTrim Pro is yet another diet product that is offered for trial. Does that mean that it is a scam? Or is CytoTrim Pro actually a good option for those looking for a little extra help losing weight?

Claimed benefits of CytoTrim Pro

CytoTrim Pro is claimed to help:

  • Lose your cravings
  • Burn stored fat
  • Retain muscle mass
  • Stop feeling hungry
  • Eat less, feel better

Lets see if these claimed benefits are realistic or whether it is best to give CytoTrim Pro a wide birth.

Ingredients of CytoTrim Pro

Although the manufacturers are promoting the fact that CytoTrim Pro contains Raspberry Ketones, this is not the only ingredient found in its formula.

CytoTrim Pro also contains Acai Berry, Pure Green Coffee, Garcinia Cambogia, Bilberry and African Mango.

If consumed in high enough dosages then Raspberry Ketones, Pure Green Coffee and Garcinia Cambogia have been shown to burn fat.

Acai Berry and African Mango on the other hand has been shown to stimulate the metabolism resulting in extra calories being burnt.

Finally Bilberry can reduce the amount of starch your body converts into sugar, thereby reducing the amount of calories within your body.

Each of these ingredients have shown promising weight loss results. Though it is difficult to know how effective CytoTrim Pro will actually be as there are no details of the dosages of each ingredient.

CytoTrim Pro price

To order CytoTrim Pro you will need to sign up for a 14-day trial that will cost between £4.97 and £5.99 for shipping and handling.

Once the 14 days have passed you will then be charged an incredible £69.97. This charge will be taken monthly from your account until you cancel your account.

Is CytoTrim Pro a scam?

In our opinion these kind of auto-ship programs should be avoided at all costs. Not only are they notoriously difficult to cancel but the price of the product is also extortionate considering there is no way of knowing how effective the product actually is.

CytoTrim Pro should be avoided, there are plenty of other products that are much cheaper and proven to be effective.

How to contact the manufacturer of CytoTrim Pro?

If you have signed up for the 14-day trial and wish to cancel then you should phone 0-808-169-2007. You can also contact them through email (info-eng@cyto-trim.com)

To return the product please make sure you get an RMA from the manufacturer by phoning them on the number provided above.

The product should then be sent to:

CytoTrim Returns
PO Box 17438

Please leave a comment below if you have tried this product.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Proven alternative to CytoTrim Pro

Although there are numerous alternatives to CytoTrim Pro the best alternative is Raspberry Ketone Plus.

This product contains 200mg of both Raspberry Ketone, meaning it has the recommended daily amount of this powerful ingredient.

It is also considerably cheaper than CytoTrim Pro at £19.95 for a month, with FREE worldwide shipping and a money back guarantee.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

48 comments on "Is CytoTrim Pro a scam?"
  1. To all who read this it will not cost you just p&p they will take a further £69 or £140 out of your bank after 2 weeks be warned!!!!!! They will make you lose weight… From the stress of being robbed!

    • Yes, I have been done over too..lucky just got off the phone from the bank who have put a stop to all payments to this company..so only the initial £10 is all I will loose. I am sending the items back first thing Monday – the address I have on the return label is stated as:

      4 The Merlin Centre
      Acrewood Way
      St Albans
      AL4 0JY

      We should all go to this address and let them have what for!!!

      will updated soon.

      • I have just received my package and they want to charge me £94.99 a month. I rang them and they gave me a different address to your address they have given you 204 Baker street London EN1 3JY I can’t believe they are allowed to get away with this

        • I have had similar experience paid£2.99 each product when I checked info inside package discovered I would be changed £94.99 each month unless I cancelled I went phoned scam line number and managed to stop future payments from my bank account i was very fortunate to only lose such a small amount also phoned product cancellation number which was in Portorico after a lot of hasle was given a address in 204 Baker Street London EN 13JY lesson learned I have been instructed to return both products to above address with tracker wondering if its worth spending more money on those scamming cretins who seem to have been reported to fraud squad last year but are still operating at various address throughout country

    • Can’t believe a company can get away with a scam like this.

      I sent for the free trial at £4.99 on 16th Dec. Didn’t receive anything at all and on 30th Dec was checking my bank account to make sure I had money in the bank for my New Years bills. I didn’t have enough money in because these had decided to take £69.97 for something I didn’t want.

      I thought I was fortunate because it hadn’t come out of the bank till the day after so I informed the bank thinking they would stop the transaction? Not a chance! I have now got to go through a process off trying to get my money back but with nothing to send back?

    • I have just had the same issues as above, you do not realise what you are signing up to when you request the free sample bottles.

      The items themselves took twelve days to arrive, this gives you very little time to return the items back to cytotrim. This is when you find out the sample bottles are not free but cost £69.97 each.

      I have managed to obtain the rma codes which happen to be the shipping/order numbers. If you succeed in getting your rma codes you then only have seven days to return said items by registered post.

      The telephone numbers given by cytotrim appear to be dead so e-mail is the best option.

      I also contacted my credit card company to put a stop on any payments being taken by cytotrim.

      The latest returns address is: Customer care returns, c/o air business, the merlin centre, acrewood way, st albans, al4 ojy

      Hope this helps.

    • I too was surprised to see a £69.97 charge on my account. I phoned them (in Costa Ricka) and cancelled my account and was told my payment of £69.97 would be returned to my account in 7 days…the pills did not work either!!

    • Hi i have been scammed as well, read all small prints before you order anything, so many companies are doing the same, In one month they have taken over £300.00. I had to stop the card and get a new one. good Luck

      • Contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 and London Metropolitan Police on 101 immediately and give their other company names Cytotrim, Brivon, Slim New and Vitahar and share your own experiences and any information you have. They’re currently under investigation. Good luck!

  2. Received on 19.11.2013 from CytroTrim for both Trial offers. I was shocked when I received the items only then was the price mentioned in the memo attached showing the Price of £69.97 per item.

    I sent an email stating this was day light robbery. They informed I could keep for 50% discount paying £69.97 this is on top of £9.94 p&p. I declined and and asked for the RMA NO: for bother bottles.

    I am so mad with my self for not checking before I sent my bank account details.

    PLEASE PLEASE do not buy this product. Check other website. I had to go the post office and return both items today 21.11.2013 by recorded post COSTING me £4.10 two days after received.

    Don,t wait remove the trial tabs and return to cancel your account. Make sure you take half the tabs because the post will cost you more. Consumer rights 14 (FREE TRIAL). I sent an email with the bar code from the post office receipt (registered post). Also phoned them to cancel my account with immediate effect.

    I will now have to keep checking my bank account to make sure Cytrotrim do not remove funds going forward. See Lorien Mowat comments so true. Be warned you will lose weight from the stress of being robbed. Keep checking you bank account going forward?. Not sure if I can asked the bank to place a stop on payment request.

    Regards Carmen

    • Too late been conned. Am in process of contacting them by writing and have also written to watchdog on BBC tv. Have rang them after they took £140 out my account, money I don’t have! Thought I was only paying £10 for them, as the ad said.

      One off trial price £10.00 ( Sweetpacks search provider! Flashing add on their search page clicked on it, then clicked on the product, couple clicks on, up came a page saying you have now committed to buying this product enter card details etc etc:).

      I received them under two weeks ago although the order was 5th Nov. Now they say they don’t have to refund me as it is after the 14 days.

      My argument is they should have recorded delivery then proof of receipt would be show and the date received. Not only that there was nothing really much between the click and buy for additional info.

      It is a company preying on vulnerable people and people like myself, I have health issues which really affect me in a mental capacity, I don’t get things the way I used to. I’m a prime target for people like that. Annoying thing is don’t want to lose weight, I was feeling low at the time…you know the rest..

      Happy flaming crimbo!!

    • Thank’s, to your email you have just saved £69.97 from being taken out of my account, your information made it easier. I did contact my bank……thank you!.

      I agree with you, it is such a scam!!.

      You get caught up by being what you think is a trial offer, and all you need to do is pay postage/packaging, which cost me £4.97. (What a SCAM).

      I did not realise that this would be an on going trial of which £69.97 monthly would be taken from my account. I did not make a contract with this company. How naive of me to hand over my bank details……STUPID, STUPID,STUPID!!!.

      When i contacted the company. Just so glad i sort out advice before this despicable set up ended up with me living in despair. Company tel: 0801692007.

      By the way after talking to the company, they have now charged me 50% of the £69.97 + the initial £4.97 to stop any further charges. Which in profit this company have alone made at least £70.00 from me and how many more?


  3. I have had two lots of £69 taken out of my account from this company. I have not received any product from them. Is this right? I’ve emailed them twice and heard nothing. Although I don’t want this product, I have nothing to show for the money they have taken. Any tips on what I should do to get my money back?

    • Have you tried phoning them on the above number? If you have had no luck I would contact your bank to at least stop any future payments being made. 🙂

    • I received my trial bottle of 60 tablets and paid a fee of £4.97 for postage and packaging, but 2 weeks into taking these tablets the company took another £69.97 out of my account.

      I for one haven’t noticed any results in taking these tablets but I guess you have to take them for a long time to notice anything.

      Taking nearly £70 out of your account each month is just daylight robbery especially when you aren’t getting any more tablets!

      I didn’t bother emailing the company as I knew that they would not return my email but I phoned the customer service number (0808-169-2007) and asked them to stop the account which they said they have de-activated but I will go into my bank and double check that they do not take any more money out!

      I just think the whole thing is a complete scam to fool people into taking their money!

  4. This CytoTrim is a disgrace should have known it was a dodgy company by the look of the website and the staff on the end of the phone, they are rude and the phone line is crackly which proves its a badly run company. If you cant hear them clearly on the phone.

    I have contacted my fraud team on my bank as when I called CytoTrim they said they took the payment on the 23rd of the month but if they were going to it should have been the 25th of the month so in fact they have charged me two days before the trial ends.

    Do not order from this company its a scam.

  5. I received my tablets the other day, have tried to phone the number to cancel any future orders but the phone line is dead, please anyone who is thinking about getting these tablets think again as it is a scam..

  6. Received my bottle for 14 days free trial. I did not received the bottle till 15th Nov 2013. They charged my account 26th Nov 2013, I called them to cancel. They said they already charged my account and there is nothing they can do to refund me. They said, they count from order date not shipping date.

    I will pursue my compliant to financial ombudsman. Its a rip off scam!!!!

    • I emailed info-eng@cyto-trim.com to cancel, days later, 69.97 was removed from my account. I called to complain, and was told there was no record of my request to cancel, and there was nothing they could do to refund the payment. No offer of any reimbursement, kept on hold, after being told it would be just a moment, for 27 minutes.

      • Don’t give up trying to get your money back. I sent several emails refusing to accept their “terms”. I wrote:
        “As I consider the price of £69.97 to be exorbitant, I am repeating my request for a refund.

        My regret is that I did not fully research into your company’s dealings when I first became interested in your products. Are you aware how many dissatisfied customers you have? If I do not receive a satisfactory response, then I too will take the matter further.

        I await to hear a further reply from you.

        Thank you
        Maureen Beard”

        Today my bank account was credited with £69.97. !!!

        So don’t give up – keep on at them !!!!!!

  7. I too got caught out by the ‘free offer’. Received items but having read the small print returned them straight away.

    Several e-mails to their web-site contact address went unanswered trying to cancel any further orders. Could not contact them on the phone number given. I believe it is a foreign number.

    Payment was still taken by them 3 weeks after delivery. Contacted my bank who, incidently and surprisingly, have a dedicated extension for disputed payments involving dietary supplement companies. Worryingly they said they could not stop any future payments. However, I found out the payments had been returned. Hopefully that is then end of the matter.

  8. I ordered Cytotrim at £4.97 trial period plus £4.97 for the colon cleanser on the 11th Nov. Received them on the 23rd Nov. They enclosed details of the amount for the future months supply, which I had not ordered and had taken out of my credit card 2 amounts of the £69.00.

    I immediately telephoned the credit card company who informed me it was a big SCAM, and they would try to get my money back, but it would take many many months. I telephoned the 0808 number on their literature, and they agreed to pay back 50% of the money taken. Didn’t wish me to return the tablets, which only send me to the toilet, havent lost any weight….

    I am still trying to redeem back the balance 50%. Never thought I would be conned by anyone, never mind if they are foreign.

    Lost nearly £70.00. Frightened to order anything now from the Internet, because of this awful experience.

  9. I have the same story as you, I am experiencing difficulties in cancelling the orders and I have received this email…

    “We have received your request to cancel further shipments. This email is confirmation that both orders for (Pure Colon Cleanser & Cytotrim) have been cancelled. Once you receive the products an amount of £69.97 will be charged for each of the products on 12/21/2013. These charges would be for the products that you have received during your trial period after that there will be no further charges nor any monthly shipments sent to you. Your order should be delivered to you in the allotted time frame.

    Thank you,

    Customer Service Department”

    You should warned about this company. Bad experience.

  10. Firstly when I viewed the product on a Google pop up there was no mention of a monthly charge regarding the trial offer. Therefore I want a refund of £69.97 immediately as your payment was unauthorised.

    The Cytotrim product gave me an upset stomach after trying only 2 capsules. I will be returning the product and demand a refund. If a full refund is not given immediately I will be contacting trading standards and expose Cytotrim as a scam

    • Hello John.

      Thank you for your comment. We are in so way associated with CytoTrim, and as you can see we have exposed this scam so that others like you may think twice about signing up to the trial.

  11. So does anybody know what can be done? Is there anyway to get the money back? Has anybody gone to the “powers that be” (Trading Standards)? or Martyn Lewis?

  12. Have just had the same experience as the guys above. Cant believe that I was caught out as I am usually very wary of these things but the add was all very convincing. After all if it did not work out £10 pounds was not a big deal to loose. However £140 later and its now a big deal.

    I phoned the number listed as soon as the letter came in which told me that I would be getting charged £69.97 a month only to hear a voice tell me that “Its a bad line and I cant hear you so please call back another time” He then put the phone down.

    I have since talked to someone else on the same number that has cancelled the subscription but says that she can only give me a 40% refund.

    I have now cancelled my credit card so that no further money can be taken out.

  13. I too got the 2 lots of tablets for £4.97.

    It took 2 weeks for them to arrive and when I read that they were going to take £69.97 after 14 days I immediately phoned to cancel.

    The woman I spoke to said that she would cancel the order, but when I went into my online banking later that day they had taken 2 payments of $69.97. This is after it is supposed to be cancelled!!

    I have phoned my bank and they say to just keep phoning to ask for a refund, which I doubt I will get.

    I am in shock, as I am disabled and do most of my shopping online (especially at Xmas) I am now too frightened to do this, in case it happens again.

    They do not even have a company name, on my bank statement it is just the name of the tablets.

    How can they get away with this scam? Can nobody stop it?

  14. Literally just checked our bank account and, on doing so, I found two payments that show up as Pure Weight Loss on our e-statement, the first being for £4.97 on 26th Nov and the second for £69.97 on 16th December, I asked my husband what these payments were for and he explained about the weight loss tablets that he had ordered, he hadn’t told me about them up to this point (men!!!- vanity huh!!!)

    He showed me the bottle of tablets and from reading the ingredients alone I thought that they sounded like nothing more than a bottle of too good to be true herbal mumbo jumbo!!! So I decided to Google Cytotrim which flagged up a scam and lead me to this page and all your previous comments.

    Needless to say I got him to phone the bank straight away, We bank with Lloyds and it must be said they have been very good, and have cancelled any future payments to this company before they could take any more, they told my other half that they have been inundated with calls about this company.

    They have said that we will not be able to do anything about the initial payment of £4.97 because that is the amount he undertook to pay in the agreement, but the said we have to contact their payment disputes team as we may have a case regarding the subsequent £69.97 which was not an agreed payment.

    It would seem to be easier to cancel payments through your own bank than it sounds to cancel orders with this company, so I urge anyone to do the same good luck I hope everyone gets their hard earned money back!!!

  15. OMG! I have just read the above messages and I am completely shocked.

    I didn’t realise that I had signed up for anything more than a months trial for both the Cytotrim and the Colon Cleanser. I haven’t even used the tablets and then another lot came. I rang to cancel on 23rd Dec but having read the above messages I thought I should phone again to make sure I don’t receive any more and that my ‘order’ was cancelled.

    They confirmed my order was cancelled and when I asked how much I’d been charged for something I don’t even want, they told me that they’ve taken £280 from my account.

    With being so busy over Xmas I hadn’t even checked. I feel totally sick. I don’t know how these people sleep at night and I’m not aware of anything I can do to get my money back as I’ve had them over the 14 days. I just hope other people don’t fall in to this trap!

  16. Keep on at them – don’t give up! I got my money refunded today.!!!

    I think I got a satisfactory reply in the end by asking if they knew how many unhappy customers they had.

  17. I have been conned like most of you guys too.

    They have given me a different website to return, based in London! funny thing is we have no products to send back!!!

    2 x £69.97 taken from my account.
    Will be reporting to FBI in states for fraud along with trading standards here!

    See email contact below…


    —–Original Message—–
    From: Cytotrim [mailto:info@cyto-trim.com]
    Sent: Tue 04/02/2014 18:30
    To: Imran Arshad
    Subject: RE: Mohammed Arshad – 225 xxxxxxx xxxxx, Tipton, xxx xxx

    Dear Imran Arshad,
    We are sorry to hear that the products did not meet your needs. We would like to extend an offer of a 50% discount for both products ordered. If you do not wish to keep the products and take advantage of our offer, please see the return instructions below:
    Pure Colon Cleanser RMA Number: 40262669410728136 
    Cytotrim  RMA Number: 40261909410728596 
    Please write the first seven numbers of the return authorization (RMA) number on the outside of your package and get it in the mail within the next 7 days. We recommend you obtain a tracking number for your return. Once we are in receipt of your returned products your order will be closed and refunded.
    Return to:
    Customer Care Returns
    204 Baker Street
    Suite  004
    London EN1 3JY
    Thank you,
    Customer Service Department

    Previous Conversation Below

    Message sent from Imran Arshad at Feb 03, 2014 at 5:49 pm Mohammed Arshad – xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx, Tipton, xxx xxx


    I am sure you are pretty much aware of this site below:


    It documents all the people whom have been scammed by yourself. I called earlier and could tell it was a scam immediately.

    Someone talking but being guided by instructions by someone else in background.

    Started off at 25% refund, and then going to 50%.

    Fear not, I have address details of:

    CytoTrim Returns

    PO Box 17438


    EH12 JJ

    And have recording of phone call earlier with the agent on phone. This will be passed to BBC Watchdog, Trading Standards Locally and Scotland if I do not get full refund of money taken.

    I will be seeking advice from my local citizens advice bureau too, this will cover dealing with closing your website and contacting legal authorities in the States too.

    Nothing has been received, no money should have left my account.

    I work hard for my money and will not have anyone steal or carry out injustice with myself.


    Mohammed Arshad

  18. Hi all,

    I emailed again last night, and have had a response saying I will be refunded within 30 days.
    Will keep checking to see if they honour it. If not I will take my steps of reporting to FBI for Internet Fraud along with Trading Standards too.

    Nobody should give up, we all work hard for our money and should not be frauded!

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Cytotrim [mailto:info@cyto-trim.com]
    Sent: Wed 05/02/2014 16:53
    To: Imran Arshad
    Subject: RE: Mohammed Arshad – 225 xxxxxxx xxxxx, Tipton, XXX XXX

    Dear Imran Arshad,

    Thank you for contacting customer service.

    This email is to confirm that your account has been cancelled per your request.
    There will be no additional charges to your credit card. We reviewed your account and have issued the following refunds for the amount of £139.94. Please allow up to 30 days for transactions to be returned to your credit card ending on 4281.

    Pure Colon Cleanser Refunded – £69.97 Trans-ID: 1366699054
    Cytotrim Refunded – £69.97 Trans-ID: 1366694600

    Thank you,
    Customer Service Department

  19. Hi, My product has a different name, Cleansepore Premium and Slim Garcinia Premium, I too fell for the Google Ad and offer of a free trial, as soon as the items arrived it was evident that this was a scam.
    If only people searched for reviews of the product before the purchase and this could be avoided.

    Here are the steps to follow:
    Phone the freefone no, 0808 169 2019
    Explain you cannot afford £69.97 per month and request a RMA Number,
    This Number must go on the outside of the envelope.
    Obtain the return address – for my products this was :-
    Customer Serve Return
    204 Baker Street
    Suite 004
    EN13 3JY

    Return your parcel with an accompanying letter RECORDED DELIVERY

    Phone your Credit Card provider and explain the situation and request they put a STOP against future payments to the Company.

    Finally – Learn from your mistake – it hurts, takes time,costs a lot of money, and these products do not work.

    • I too have been duped company, first thing to do is contact your Bank stop your payments,
      also contact online fraud & scams. the telephone no is. 03001232040. give them as much
      details as you can, eg emails to and from the company. I also gave them the address which in my case was
      Customer Care Returns
      204 baker street
      Suit 004
      ENI 3JY

      With their tel. no which is 08081692019 . they will follow it up and contact the local fraud squad
      do not let these scams take your hard earned money. the police will act qucker

  20. I too have been scammed and followed the below
    Here are the steps to follow:
    Phone the freefone no, 0808 169 2019
    Explain you cannot afford £69.97 per month and request a RMA Number,
    This Number must go on the outside of the envelope.
    Obtain the return address – for my products this was :-
    Customer Serve Return
    204 Baker Street
    Suite 004
    EN13 3JY

    Cancel your credit card as stolen and get it reissued – that way they cannot withdraw any further funds..

    and keep the products as why should you waste even more cash on sending them back recorded deliver……

  21. I to fell for Slim Garcinia Premium and since taking these so called slimming pills have been having severe headaches, nausea and generally feeling unwell. I cancelled my trial within the 14 days and reported my card as being lost.

    Alarm bells starting ringing when my colleague at work said that the address is actually a PO box based in Ealing, London.

    I will be returning the products to the address given and will just stick with my diet and loose the weight the natural way.

  22. contact your bank , ring the action against fraud, tel 03001232040 they will help

  23. I sent away for the free trial pack too but for Slim garcinia tablets which are exactly the same as Cytotrim apparently and was debited £4.95 but never received them and 2 weeks later was debited £69.97 for them.
    I phoned my bank (The Co op Bank) and explained what had happened and they put me through to the disputes team who said they would monitor my account and if any more payments were taken out from that company they would repay me immediately as I had not authorised more payments to that company, I had been in touch with the slim garcinia company in the meantime and blasted them for stealing my money, I threatened them with trading standards, Watchdog, The papers, I told them my cousin is a high ranking official in the Greater Manchester police force and told them my family in America who were friends with the local Mayor who had friends in the FBI would be informed too and so would my family in Australia who would go down the official channels over there to get me my money back.
    To cut a long story short, The slim garcinia agent I spoke to sent me an email confirming that the account with them was closed and that I would get a refund for the £69.97 within the next 7 – 10 days, I received it today, 2 days later, I lost countless hours of sleep over this and £4.95, learned a hard lesson and will NEVER buy things like this again from the internet, don’t know what I was thinking of in the 1st place as I always see the con in adverts like these but I read about this from Huffington Post on AOL who did a page on how one of the Huff post team had tried it out for her wedding so I guess that threw me a little and I believed the article in print…..STUPID!!! won’t do that again!
    Anyone who is going through all this worry please don’t give up, yell and threaten the company as loud and as long as you want to, they are robbers and deserve to be closed down

  24. Hi everyone

    I’ve just spent over 1 hour on the phone to this company. I received three bottles yesterday and a letter saying I owed £79.97 for each (ie just under £240) if not cancelled within 14 days. I thought I had signed up for the £4.97 trial. I have spoken to two different people and said I want to cancel. they said I couldn’t as the 14 days had past. They have cancelled future orders and offered a 60% refund (initially 50%) and I’m waiting for a manager to call back. I didn’t sign up for an ongoing commitment. any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated. I can’t afford £240 or even 40% of that. should I speak to my credit card company?

  25. SCAMMING WANKERS!!!!!!!!! TOOK over £150 out of my account

  26. I don’t want to deal with this company directly as they are clearly fully aware of what they are doing. If I cancel my card which had the number on given to them and order a new card would that stop them being able to take more money out of my account?

  27. bonjour, expérience similaire mais j’ai fait opposition à ma banque pour ne pas qu’ils continuent les prélèvements et j’ai dû changer de CB!!! (mai 2014)
    aujourd’hui je viens de recevoir une lettre deGGN mastering credit qui me donne 7 jours pour payer deux fois 69.95 + 11.49 euros d’intérêts + 48.40 euros de frais d’encaissement sinon huissier!!!!!!!!!!!! je rêve là
    que dois-je faire merci pour votre aide

  28. Même expérience (mauvaise), même exacts montants réclamés, par la même société de recouvrement, GGN.
    Je viens de leur envoyer un mail plutôt salé leur demandant d’arrêter immédiatement ces relances. On va bien voir.

  29. hello, i have today received a letter from GGN Mastering credit too. Do you think I should ignore it? It is after £130 payment, i cancelled after i received trial nutra pump august last year. have not received any more tablets and not had any payments taken from me. Im worried in 2 years down the line the’bill’ will double.

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