What is the ‘Dadbod’ and how to lose it?

What is the ‘Dadbod’ and how to lose it?

The term ‘dadbod’ has become popular recently online, with many women stating how they preferred this look to those with a six-pack.

What does dadbod mean though? Well, basically it is a man that may not be obese but would rather have a beer and a pizza rather than spend time in the gym.

These men often have a good amount of muscle but it is hidden under a layer of fat.

Whether you prefer this look on your man or not, if you are the man with the dadbod perhaps this look is not what you really want. Especially if you value your long term health.

Unfortunately this spare tire can significantly increase your risk of heart disease and various other life-threatening conditions.

So what can you do about your dadbod? Read on to find out what you can do to change your body.

What can cause the dadbod?

There are a few reasons why men who used to be slimmer and fitter may find they now have a dadbod; these include:

  1. They are burning fewer calories – Maybe because they are not getting enough exercise
  2. They are consuming too many calories

How to lose the dadbod?

The good thing about having a dadbod is that it is quite easy to lose it.

Lose the DadbodAs stated above those men with a dadbod normally have a good amount of muscle mass, which means that they normally have a higher than normal resting metabolism.

To lose your dadbod you should do the following:

1. Determine how many calories you need each day just to maintain your current weight. There are various online calculators you can use to work this out.

2. Next you will need to reduce this daily amount by 400-500.

3. To lose weight you will need to eat healthier. So out should go those takeaways and junk food.

4. Instead you should eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to bulk out your foods.

5. Also make sure to eat plenty of protein (chicken/turkey) and fibre-rich foods as these are slower to digest so will help keep cravings to a minimum.

6. Finally, you need to get off your behind and do some exercise. This means that you should visit the gym a few times a week, where you should think about lifting weights to build muscle.

As stated already muscle is important as it ensures that you are able to burn more calories while resting than if you are fat.

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