£2 Daily Diet Jab Revealed

£2 Daily Diet Jab Revealed

Liraglutide, a new daily diet jab that claims to help you to lose a stone in weight, while raising good cholesterol levels has recently been approved.

With obesity levels in the UK having doubled in the past 20 years a drug such as this is welcomed, especially as obesity can reduce your life-expectancy by 9 years with a higher risk of developing a number of health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

How does this daily diet jab work?

To use Liraglutide you simply have to inject it into your stomach before breakfast every day.

The drug then works by sending a signal to your brain, essentially tricking it into believing that you are full.

Is Liraglutide proven?

Taking Liraglutide will help to reduce the amount of food you eat by 10%, with trials showing that both men and women who injected daily losing an average of 19 pounds in just 12 months.

These losses are almost a stone more in weight than they would have lost just by dieting and doing more exercise.

What was more incredible was that one-third of participants of the trial lost 23 pounds, more than a stone and a half, which for women would equate to 2 dress sizes.

Professor Jason Halford, the former president of the UK Association for the Study of Obesity had this to say about Liraglutide:

“It is potentially very exciting. The real benefit of it is that it is targeting appetite. It strengthens the effects of satiety.”

However, not everyone was as impressed with Professor Iain Broom, the current director of the Centre for Obesity Research at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen having this to say:

“I don’t think drugs are ever going to be the answer.”

“Until society changes and the Government’s relationship with the food industry changes and the food industry itself changes, we are not going to get anywhere very fast.”

How much does it cost?

The price for Liraglutide (or Saxenda, its brand name) starts at £2.25 a day, which is around twice the price of Orlistat, the only other prescription diet drug currently available in the UK.

It is hoped that within the next few months that the European Commission grants its license to be sold in Europe, including the UK.

The manufacturer, Novo Nordisk of Denmark also hope that the drug will also be made available on prescription for those who need it.

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