Avoid Dangerous Chinese Diet Pills

Avoid Dangerous Chinese Diet Pills

If you have gained a little bit of weight over the past few months you may be tempted by one of those diet pill adverts on Ebay.

Unfortunately chances are these products are likely to be from China, which could potentially lead to issues.

Despite being cheap these products may not be the bargain you had hoped they would be. Lets find out why you should avoid dangerous Chinese diet pills.

What are Chinese diet pills?

Unsurprisingly Chinese diet pills are those made cheaply in Asia that are then marketed at those in the West.

Often they will create websites in English, or will use website such as Ebay to sell on.

The aim is to essentially trick the potential consumer into believing the website or product is trustworthy and not a scam, unfortunately this is rarely the case.

The vast majority of the time you will receive a product made from cheap ‘fillers’ that will offer no benefits whatsoever, but sometimes, and more worryingly you will receive a product that contains dangerous ingredients that could potentially cause lasting harm.

Why are these diet pills not regulated?

In China there is ‘Blue Hat’ registration process brought in by the Health Food Administration Regulations, however many backstreet companies will go underground with their manufacturing to avoid getting their ‘Blue Hat’ label.

Chinese Diet PillsDespite being illegal to manufacture without this label, the truth is that there is a lot of money to be made, with the USA and UK a massive market for dietary supplements.

What are the potential dangers of Chinese diet pills?

If the product you purchase from China does not show the ‘Blue Hat’ label then there is no guarantee of what it contains.

As stated above it may just be ineffective, but could be dangerous too.

Even if the product lists its ingredients, it may state some exotic sounding ingredients that have been used in Chinese Medicine, but can you really trust them?

What should you look out for when looking at Chinese diet pills?

To ensure you are not ripped off, or worse still receive a dangerous product you should look out for the following:

  • Missing ‘Blue Hat’ label
  • No wild weight loss claims; for example “lose 10 pounds in a week
  • Poor English
  • No ingredients listed
  • No company details
  • Fake testimonials

In our opinion if the product has any of the above issues then you should avoid it. Your health is valuable, and you should never risk it in order to lose a few pounds.

There are various manufacturers both here in the UK and the USA who offer products that actually work and are safe to use. If you need a little help with your own weight loss efforts then I suggest you try one of them, these Chinese diet pills are probably not worth your time.

Examples of dangerous Chinese Diet pills

The following is a list of products published by the IMB (Irish Medicines Board) that are illegal due to being found to contain Sibutramine; an ingredient that can cause a significant rise in both blood pressure and pulse rate.

  • Botanical Slimming 100% Natural Soft Gel (Capsules) also sold as “Meizitang”
  • Lipro Diet Pills
  • Li Da Capsules
  • Li Da Daidaihua
  • Reduce Weight Fruta Planta Capsules
  • ZenSlim
  • Chinashow (Capsules)
  • Slim body #1 Capsules
  • Slimforte Slimming Coffee
  • Slimforte Slimming Capsules
  • Svelte 30 Capsules
  • Celerite Slimming Tea
  • Celerite Slimming Capsules
  • Fat Burner No. 1 Capsules
  • Herbal Diet Natural Capsule
  • Tea Polyphenol Capsules
  • Ultra Effect Capsules
  • Slim Magic Herbal Capsules
  • Slim 3 in 1 Slim Formula
  • Natural Slim Capsules
  • 2 Day Diet Capsules
  • Best Life Fat Burning Capsules
  • Golden Root Formula
  • Riomont
  • Capsule 1
  • Eight Treasure Emperor Capsule
  • Paiyouji Plus
  • Slimex
  • Leisure 18
  • Jianfei
  • Royal Viga
  • Sibutramine HCI Monohydrate Capsules
  • Slimming Coffee
  • Super Slim
  • Zhen de shou
  • Sibustat -15
  • Obestat – 15
  • Obety -15

If you suspect that you have bought a diet pill from China and suffer any ill effects then please discontinue use immediately.

We would love to hear from you so please list any issues you have encountered below.

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