Dangers of DNP

Dangers of DNP

Dinitrophenol or DNP as it is more commonly known has seen a lot of negative press over the past year as there have been a number of people who have died after using it.

Yet despite the undoubted risks there are still those out there willing to risk their lives in an attempt to look as good as possible in as quick a time as they can.

Lets look at how DNP works, the dangers of using DNP and whether there is an alternative to this controversial weight loss method.

What is DNP?

DNP is a usually used as a chemical pesticide, however there are those who consume it in an attempt to burn stored body fat. This is despite DNP being illegal to buy for human consumption.

Back in 1933 DNP was used in a variety of different diet pills, but this was only until 1938 when it was banned due to its link to dangerous side effects.

How does DNP work?

DNP inhibits the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) synthase molecule in your body, which is the molecule that transports energy between your cells.

When this molecule is halted your body will instead start to burn more calories than normal, as much as a 50% rise in some cases.

This would be a dream for most dieters, if it wasn’t for the numerous side effects associated with the use of DNP.

What are the dangers of DNP?

There are many different side effects associated with DNP use including:

Excess sweating and discomfort

This is the most common side effect of DNP. With excessive sweat occurring even in cool environments.


This insomnia is probably due in part to the excessive sweating and the discomfort it will undoubtedly cause.

Yellow bodily fluids

Although not known to be harmful, DNP has been shown to make bodily fluids such as urine a darker shade of yellow. Even semen and vaginal secretions are affected.

Muscle soreness

Low levels of ATP, the hormone that DNP inhibits has been linked to muscle soreness.

Allergic reactions

There have been numerous reports from users of DNP who have suffered a wide range of allergic reactions. These include hives, blisters and rashes.


DNP may cause deathThe most alarming side effect of DNP is death, which is why it is illegal to be sold for consumption by humans.

Over the past year there have been numerous reports in the news of seemingly healthy people dropping dead after using DNP.

A study published in 2012 by the Journal of Medical Toxicity has stated that DNP has been linked to 62 deaths. Although this number has risen since then with at least 3 other deaths reported in the UK newspapers alone.

Is there a safer alternative?

Although DNP has been shown to help burn fat, do you really want to risk your life when there are safer alternatives available.

For a start a healthy diet and regular exercise is still the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off long term.

It may not be the quick fix that so many people crave nowadays but it certainly works.

You may also want to try a supplement such as Phen375, which is a fat burner that unlike DNP is completely safe with no reports of any side effects.

Used in combination with a diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables, plenty of protein and regular exercise will help you to reach your weight loss goals in no time at all.

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