6 Deadly Diets and Why They Should Be Avoided

6 Deadly Diets and Why They Should Be Avoided

If you are trying to lose weight then you may be tempted to try a diet that makes some pretty big claims, however I would not rush to try these diets at least until you check if they are safe to do.

Unfortunately there are plenty of diets that could potentially be dangerous.

Some could involve drastic cutting of calories, or the banning of entire food groups, which could potentially leave you lacking in vital nutrients.

Here are some of the worst deadly diets, and learn why they should be avoided:

#1: Fasting diets

Fasting diets have been a popular choice over the past few years, but despite their weight loss benefits I would certainly not recommend a diet that involves fasting for extended periods of time.

As mentioned briefly already, depriving yourself of food and nutrients is certainly not a good idea.

You may lose weight to begin, but soon enough your body will take steps to stop this. Your metabolism will slow, making it hard to lose fat. While your body will start to break down muscle mass instead, which will slow your metabolism even further.

You may even end up weighing more once you start eating healthily again, as your metabolism will remain low for some time after.

#2: Juicing diets and detoxes

These diets work in a similar fashion as the fasting diets, but you will also be taking a concoction, or pill to help “detoxify” your body.

You will lose weight with this approach, but most of the weight lost will be water weight, which is quickly regained.

This detox will also flush vital nutrients from your system too, so your health may suffer if you detox for too long.

#3: Cotton ball diet

This is a dangerous way to lose weight and involves you eating cotton balls soaked in orange juice, lemonade or a smoothie.

The theory behind this deadly diet is that the cotton balls will fill you up, therefore suppressing your appetite. However, you are essentially starving yourself with this diet.

You are putting yourself at serious risk undertaking a diet like this.

For a start these “cotton” balls are often bleached polyester that contain various other harmful chemicals, they can also cause blockages within your body too that can potentially be life-threatening.

#4: Sleeping Beauty diet

This diet was made famous by Elvis and was popular throughout the 1960s and 70s.

It involves taking a sedative or sleep aid that will keep you asleep for a longer period than normal, perhaps even multiple days.

The thought process of this diet is that you cannot eat when you are sleeping, however there are risks involved.

You may not be eating, but you wont be moving either, which means that your muscles will break down, resulting in a lower metabolism.

These sleep aids can also be addictive and their use have been shown to be fatal in some cases.

#5: Tapeworm diet

This diet involves the ingesting of tapeworm eggs, which will hatch and grow into full size tapeworms.

Dangerous DietsThese tapeworms will then live inside of you consuming many of those excess calories.

This diet was popular in the early 1900s but unsurprisingly is a lot less popular now.

As well as being disgusting, these tapeworms can cause numerous issues including abdominal cramps, diarrhoea and fatigue.

If left to grow too large these tapeworms could even cause an intestinal blockage, which is not something you would want.

#6: Cabbage/Grapefruit diets

The major issue with these types of diet is that you are forced to eat just one type of food, which will leave you lacking vital nutrients.

Your body requires a variety of nutrients for good health, so you should make sure to include lean proteins, carbs and even fats.

You may lose weight with a Cabbage or Grapefruit diet, but is the risk to your health worth it?

To lose weight in a healthy manner you do not need to go to extremes, just making a few healthy changes can make a big difference to your weight.

Try cutting back on the junk foods and soft drinks for a start, you will be amazed at the results you will experience.


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