4 December diet mistakes that cause weight gain

4 December diet mistakes that cause weight gain

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner many of us are starting to worry about getting in shape for those inevitable parties.

Yet even though you are going to try to stay good around the festive season there are still some diet mistakes that could cause you to gain weight.

Lets find out which diet mistakes you should try to avoid this December.

Diet mistake #1: Saving calories by skipping meals

You may believe that saving calories for a later party would be a good idea, yet in reality this could cause weight gain.

In reality you will find that not eating all day will only result in you overindulging once faced with all those appetising foods.

Rather than skipping entire meals you should instead eat normally, while making small calorie reductions.

These small changes will add up throughout the day and will allow you a little ‘splurge’ later in the day.

Diet mistake #2: Healthy calories don’t count

Even if you only eat healthy foods at a Christmas party you still need to account for the calories.

Diet mistakesOf course they contain fewer calories than the more unhealthy options on the menu but they will still mount up if you are not careful.

One way to avoid overindulging is to use a small plate rather than a large one for those foods.

This visual representation will ensure you keep your calorie intake in check.

Diet mistake #3: Too many drinks

If you want to relax at a Christmas or New Year party then a couple of drinks will help. Of course once you get into the spirit of the party it is easy to forget about your diet and to overindulge in the spirits.

As you drink more and more you will lose your self control so more drinks will likely flow, meaning many more ‘empty’ calories consumed.

Too much drink will also ensure you are less able to resist all those tempting snacks lying around.

You can still enjoy a party without overindulging in the drinks, try drinking a little water between those alcoholic drinks to keep a little self control.

Diet mistake #4: I can just work it off

Although exercise is a great way to burn off those excess calories, you cannot expect to burn off all those extra calories if you are eating and drinking to excess.

Some festive treats may contain as much as 500 calories, which will mean that you will have to workout on a treadmill for as long as an hour.

Of course have fun this upcoming holiday season, just remember that if you value your health then a little moderation wouldn’t go amiss.

Do you have any tips to stay slim and healthy over the festive period?

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