Delta Pure Mango Cleanse Trial Offer Review

Delta Pure Mango Cleanse Trial Offer Review

Trial offers have a bad name for themselves, and for good reason as they are often not upfront about their costs.

In the following review we will look at the Delta Pure Mango Cleanse (manufactured by Vita Strong) trial offer in more detail to see if this can live up to its own hype or whether it is going to be put into the same category of the other trial offers we have seen that are best avoided.

Claimed benefits of Delta Pure Mango Cleanse

Delta Pure Mango Cleanse is claimed to help:

  • Internal cleansing
  • Support digestive health
  • Rapid energy replenishment
  • Improve metabolic rate
  • Heart health support
  • Improve weight management

It is never a good idea to simply believe stated claims. You should always look for some proof of your own, which is why I would always recommend checking to see what ingredients have been used.

How else would you be able to tell how effective the supplement is, or whether it is safe to use?

Ingredients of Delta Pure Mango Cleanse

Unfortunately there is no label available, so even though there is mention that it contains African Mango, which can aid weight loss, there is no way of knowing how much has been used.

There is also no way of knowing if there are any filler ingredients or potentially dangerous ingredients used.

Cost of Delta Pure Mango Cleanse

As the cost of Delta Pure Mango Cleanse is not immediately available to view it is best that you look at the terms and conditions page.

This page states that once you have signed up you will have 14 days to trial the supplement, after which time you will be charged $81.53.

As this trial operates an auto-ship program should you fail to cancel the trial you will be sent further monthly packages that will of course need to be paid for.

Would we recommend Delta Pure Mango Cleanse?

The lack of ingredient information raises serious concerns about the claimed benefits. Does it even work and is it safe to use?

The price is also high, with the auto-shipping the final straw. My suggestion to you would be to look for an alternative if you are looking for a little extra help with your weight loss efforts.

Contact details for Delta Pure Mango Cleanse

The following contact details can be used to cancel your trial:

Phone: 1-877-340-9840
Email: support@deltapuremango.com

DetoxPlusPlease leave a message below if you have signed up for this trial offer.

Alternative to Delta Pure Mango Cleanse

Our suggested alternative is Detox Plus, a supplement designed to help detox your body. It is currently available from Evolution Slimming without a trial, so you can buy it without risk of any auto-shipping.

Other benefits of Detox Plus include:

  • Natural detox
  • Energy boost
  • Better weight loss results
  • Bloating and constipation reduction

A months supply will cost you $30, which is considerably more cost effective.

Click here to read our review of DetoxPlus


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  1. Please cancel the auto ship of the Delta Pure Mango Cleanse that is being shipped to
    David Herron
    879 Charles Ave
    St. Paul, MN 55104-2612

    Thank you

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