Did Denise Welch lose weight too fast?

Did Denise Welch lose weight too fast?

Back in 2013 Loose Women star and ex Coronation Street actress Denise Welch became the face of LighterLife; a strict calorie controlled diet that allows just 600 calories per day.

Now, the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) has ruled that the adverts she has appeared in can no longer be shown as they claim that she has lost the weight faster than regulations class as safe.

How much weight did Denise lose?

In 2013 the 56-year old lost 2 stone in just 2 months.

Unfortunately according to NHS guidelines Denise lost more than the recommended 2 pounds a week so was unlikely to be inline with good medical and nutritional practice.

The ASA had this to say:

“The code specified that for those who were normally overweight, a rate of weight loss greater than 2lb a week was unlikely to be compatible with good medical and nutritional practice.”

“While we understood that LighterLife had given an account of the actual rate of weight loss experienced by Mrs Welch, we noted the rate advertised was greater than 2lb per week.”

“We had not seen evidence to demonstrate that the rate of loss experienced by Ms. Welch was compatible with code requirements.”

“We told LighterLife to ensure that rates of weight loss were compatible with good medical and nutritional practice and that treatments for obesity were not advertised to the public without suitably qualified supervision.”

Denise Welch weight lossSpeaking after the ruling Denise Welch stated:

“Weight loss companies are trying to help people, and yet they aren’t even allowed to tell us what they can do for us.”

“LighterLife has been prevented from using my weight loss before and after photos as the ASA says I lost weight too quickly. How can that be right, when the Foodpacks comply with all the nutritional rules, including Trading Standards, and I did exactly what I was supposed to do with them?”

“I felt better than I had in ages, and those are genuine before and after pictures.”

“Meanwhile obesity is increasing and people are dying from cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes.”

Our view

While it is certainly impressive the amount of weight Denise lost, especially after such a short period of time. You have to wonder whether it is sustainable.

If you lose weight too quickly through drastic diets such as LighterLife then you are likely to regain any lost weight as quickly as it was lost as soon as you return to your old eating habits.

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