7 Desperate weight loss methods

7 Desperate weight loss methods

To lose weight you need to eat less while exercising more. Unfortunately for some this can be difficult, which can lead to desperation where they are willing to try anything in order to reach their weight loss goals.

While these fad diets sound crazy for the most part, those who are desperate are willing to risk their long term health.

Look below to see some desperate weight loss methods that others have tried:

#1: Cotton balls

There are some people who believe that eating cotton balls will help you to lose weight, while it may help suppress your appetite it is a dangerous act.

The cotton balls are not digestible so may cause serious harm to your internal system.

A healthier alternative would be to eat more high-fibre foods, plus they will taste infinitely better.

#2: Tapeworms

This method was popular in the early 20th Century but even today there are cases where people have ingested them in the hope of losing weight.

The tapeworm will attach to your stomach lining and will eat any food ingested.

Unfortunately these tapeworms can grow up to 30 feet long and can steal vital nutrients, as well as causing pain and even death.

#3: Breatharianism

Those who follow Breatharianism believe that neither water or food are necessary, with sunlight able to provide you with all the nutrients you need.

Obviously this is not a healthy belief with long term fasting diets like this resulting in a lack of nutrients consumed, which can lead to starvation and death.

#4: Fletcherism

Fletcherism made popular in the early 1900s by Horace Fletcher “The Great Masticator”.

His diet involved chewing your food 100 times a minute, taking down any juice and then spitting out the rest.

Today science has shown some truth in the claims made as eating slowly can help stop you from overeating.

#5: Cigarettes

Before the 1920s smoking was often just for the males, however the tobacco companies soon looked at tapping into the female market by claiming that cigarettes could help suppress the appetite.

While nicotine can suppress your appetite the various other poisons that are mixed into the cigarettes makes this a particularly dangerous pursuit.

#6: Ear stapling

It is thought that the act of ear stapling can stimulate a pressure point that controls your appetite.

While this method is based on Chinese acupuncture there is no scientific evidence to back up the claims.

Using ear stapling can lead to infection and permanent disfigurement.

#7: Sleeping beauty diet

In this diet you will be sleeping often days at a time thanks to the use of sedatives. And while you are sleeping you are not eating so weight loss can be achieved.

Obviously this diet does not sound the healthiest, with a lack of nutrients being consumed and starvation a real danger.

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