Detox Pure Review

Detox Pure Review

If you are looking to detox then you may want to try Detox Pure, but what makes it so special?

Is there a reason why you should buy this supplement over all the other options available to you?

In this review we will look at Detox Pure in more detail, to see how it works and whether we would recommend its use or not.

Claimed benefits of Detox Pure

Detox Pure can apparently offer the following benefits:

  • Detoxing can lead to easy weight loss
  • Increase antioxidants in your body
  • Break down fat much easier
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve alertness and focus
  • Fast results

How does Detox Pure work?

It is an unfortunate fact that the food we eat and the environments we live in will cause a build up of toxins within your body.

Detox PureUnfortunately, these very toxins can cause a number of problems including weight gain, which is why it is important that before you attempt to lose weight you try to remove these toxins.

Of course it is possible to remove them without the use of a supplement, but taking a supplement such as Detox Pure is so much easier.

When consumed the ingredients will get to work, boosting your metabolism and removing the built up waste material from within your body that is causing this build up of toxins.

Within a few days you will already start to feel the benefits of this supplement, with almost immediate results to be seen on the scales and how you feel.

Ingredients found in Detox Pure

Detox Pure contains 2 ingredients; Bladderwrack and Clivers. Lets look at how both ingredients work:


Bladderwrack has long been used to combat obesity after first being discovered for its weight loss abilities back in 1862 by Dr Duchesne-Duprac.

It was shown that bladderwrack can help stimulate the thyroid gland, which will cause an increase in your metabolic rate.

As most of you will already know, if you want to burn calories and fat then your metabolic rate holds the key.


Clivers has an even longer history that dates back to the 1600s where Nicholas Culpepper recommended clivers to:

“Keep them lean and lank, that are apt to grow fat.”

“It is a good remedy in the Spring…to cleanse the blood, and strengthen the liver, thereby to keep the body in health, and fitting it for that change of season that is coming.”

This particular ingredient is a diuretic so can help flush toxins from your body. It has also been shown in clinical studies to help reduce high blood pressure.

Will Detox Pure cause any side effects?

While the ingredients found in Detox Pure are natural and for most should not cause any side effects, those of you who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid its use.

Is Detox Pure recommended?

If it were not for the high cost then Detox Pure would be highly recommended for use just before starting a diet.

As it stands it may be too expensive for some, especially in the current financial climate.

Where to buy Detox Pure?

A months supply of Detox Pure can be bought online for £34.95 from the Bauer Nutrition website.

Savings can be made by buying larger quantities of the supplement, such as the 6 months offer that will allow you to get 3 bottles completely FREE, ensuring you save £119.97 off the RRP.

Benefits of buying from Bauer Nutrition include a full 60 day money back guarantee and FREE shipping around the globe.

Click here to buy Detox Pure from Bauer Nutrition


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