Diet Advice You Should Ignore

Diet Advice You Should Ignore

When it comes to dieting and losing weight you will find that everyone has an opinion on what you should be doing, and what are the best methods you can use to reach your weight loss goals.

Unfortunately plenty of this advice is rubbish and is best ignored. Read on to discover the diet advice you should ignore.

#1: Fat makes you fat

It has long been believed that eating fat will cause you to gain weight and fat. Well, this is not entirely true.

While there are some forms of fat that is best avoided, there are good fats that can actually speed up the weight loss process.

For example the fat found in fish, nuts and olives can help encourage fat burning due to their omega-3 content.

#2: Cutting carbs will aid weight loss

As with the no fat rule, cutting carbs from your diet is also a dieting no-no.

Of course too many carbs in your diet can promote weight gain, however your body needs carbohydrates as it uses them as an energy source.

If your diet is lacking in carbs then you will find that your energy levels will fall, which could result in you snacking more often.

#3: You need a cheat day

Junk foodWhile the occasional treat or cheat meal is recommended for anyone trying to lose weight, as they can help curb those cravings, it is not recommended that you devote an entire day to cheating.

What you may find is that having an entire day set aside could derail the rest of your good work you have done the rest of the week.

#4: Skipping meals will help to cut calories

You may believe that an easy way to cut calories from your diet would be to skip meals.

While this maybe true initially, the truth is that in the long run it may have a negative effect on your weight loss efforts.

Unfortunately when you skip meals your metabolism will fall, which means that when you do eventually eat the food consumed will not be burned at the rate that it should.

Rather than skipping meals, my suggestion to you would be to increase the number of meals you consume, of course you should reduce the size of these meals to ensure you are not overeating.

By increasing the number of meals consumed daily from 3 to 6 you will ensure your metabolism is working continuously. Plus you will find that you will experience fewer cravings as you will not be going long periods without any food.

Final thoughts

Cutting whole food groups from your diet or skipping meals is not recommended for weight loss.

If you want to see the best results then you will need to use a little moderation, which will allow you to eat what you want but within reason so that it does not affect your progress.

You should aim to eat a balanced, high-quality diet consisting of a variety of different nutrient-rich foods. Doing so will allow you the occasional treat now and again without it affecting your efforts too much.

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