12 Small Diet Changes for Weight Loss Success

12 Small Diet Changes for Weight Loss Success

If you want weight loss success in 2016 then the following small diet changes could help make a big difference to the numbers you see on the scale.

#1: Add some chillies

Eating chillies have been shown to cause an increase in your metabolism, which will result in more calories being burnt.

The reason for this is that chillies when eaten will cause a process called thermogenesis to occur within your body. During which your internal body temperature will increase along with your metabolic rate.

#2: Cook your own chips/fries

Who doesn’t love the taste of chips? Well, unfortunately those bought from the local takeaway are unsurprisingly unhealthy and full of fat.

As an occasional treat for yourself then why not make your own. You will still enjoy the taste but without the calories.

#3: Skip the bacon

Just skipping the bacon from your breakfast could result in a 10 pound weight loss over the year.

This is because just 2 rashers of bacon amounts to 100 calories.

#4: Have a black coffee

Instead of your usual coffee order that is full of milk, cream and sugar, opt for a black one instead and save yourself a few calories.

#5: Eat more yoghurt

Studies have shown that those who eat more yoghurt are more likely to lose weight from their waistlines than those who do not.

The reason for this is that yoghurt contains calcium that can help to prevent fat storage.

#6: Drink more water

If your aim is to lose weight then you need to cut back on the soft drinks, alcohol and other beverages that contain added sugar.

Water contains zero calories so you will see a saving there, while it can also help to curb your appetite too.

#7: Eat oily fish

A good way to reduce inflammation within the body and therefore aid your weight loss efforts would be to start eating more oily fish, for example:

  • Salmon
  • Trout
  • Mackerel

They are full of healthy omega-3 fats so can also help boost your memory too.

#8: Use smaller plates

It makes sense that using a smaller plate would result in fewer calories being consumed.

Just make sure that when you dish out that you are not stacking your food, or going back for seconds.

#9: Eat slower

If you are eating your food as quickly as possible without giving it any thought then you are probably consuming more than you should.

Diet ChangesDid you know that it takes 20 minutes for your brain to receive the signal from your stomach that it is full?

Slow down and savour your food, chew it thoroughly and you will not only be more satisfied but slimmer in the long run too.

#10: Display your fruit

To tempt yourself to eat more fruit you should make an effort to display them prominently around your home.

The opposite should be true of those unhealthy treats. Try to make it as hard as possible to get to them so that you will be less tempted by them.

#11: Allow yourself treats

To stick to your new healthier lifestyle you should try to eat healthy as often as possible, but this does not mean that you are not allowed any treats.

As long as you are eating healthily for 80% of the time then you will surely see some good results.

Denying yourself your favourite foods will only leave you feeling angry and before long you would have quit your diet in order to indulge yourself.

#12: Eat more

This may seem like a silly idea, but if you want to lose weight then you cannot starve yourself.

You maybe saving yourself a few calories but you will find that your metabolic rate will fall, so you will stop losing weight after a while.

Once you start eating again, as your metabolism is slow any weight lost will quickly be regained as your body will be unable to burn off the calories.

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