Diet cheats: Do they work?

Diet cheats: Do they work?

If you are trying to lose weight you will know just how difficult it can be. What with all those hours spent sweating in the gym, and all those sacrifices you have to make to your diet.

There has to be an easier way to lose weight. Isn’t there?

Well, there are some so-called diet cheats that claim to aid your efforts, however whether they actually help remains to be seen.

Lets look at some of the most popular diet cheats to see if there is any truth in their claims.

Diet cheat #1: Ice packs

The theory is that wearing an ice pack will turn white fat into brown fat, which is able to generate heat that will help burn the pounds.

Unfortunately there is very little evidence to suggest that this will work.

While turning the heating down will help burn a few extra calories due to your body temperature being forced to increase, the use of an ice pack is not recommended due to the risk of burning.

Diet cheat #2: Chewing gum

It has been suggested that chewing gum can help control cravings, however this is unlikely to result in much weight loss.

You may also find that chewing gum wont enable you to lose any weight. This is because the gum contains artificial sweeteners that cause sugar cravings to occur.

Diet cheat #3: Diet drinks

Diet drinks may sound tempting when attempting to lose weight but in reality do little if anything.

These drinks contain artificial sweeteners that cause sugar cravings to occur, therefore negating any benefits gained from those reduced calories.

If you want to lose weight the best drink for you is going to be water. It contains zero calories and will not cause any sugar cravings.

Diet cheat #4: Eating the same meals every day

Eating the same meals daily will only result in boredom and cravings for variety.

Of course eat healthy but you don’t have to restrict yourself so much that you end up quitting.

Allow yourself the occasional treat, it really wont make much difference to your efforts. Just remember that it is a treat not a daily occurrence and you will be fine.

Diet cheat #5: Sleep in the dark

If you have trouble sleeping you may find that you tend to snack more the next day, this is caused by the increased levels of serotonin.

Switch off your phone, get a good black-out blind and finally get a good nights sleep. Your body will thank you for it.

Diet cheat #6: Eating almonds and seeds

Both of these are great snack foods that you should use to replace your usual junk food snacks. However you still need to be careful with the amount you eat as even healthy food contains calories.

Always use a little portion control, otherwise you will soon find that your calorie intake will get out of hand.

Final words of advice

When dieting forget about trying to lose all the weight overnight. It will take a while, but you need to be patient and stop stressing about how much or how little you are losing.

Make small changes and you will soon start seeing the results of your hard work.

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