Diet Drinks Cause Weight Gain

Diet Drinks Cause Weight Gain

A recent study at the University of Texas has revealed the shocking fact that diet drinks make you fatter.

During the study they looked at the lifestyles of 749 people over the course of 9 years.

They discovered that those who drunk at least 1 diet drink daily gained at least 3 inches on their waists, with those who stated never to drink these diet drinks experiencing less than an inch increase in waist circumference.

Those who occasionally drank a diet drink were noted to have experienced a 2 inch waist increase.

As you would expect based on the other findings those who drank the most diet drinks (often over 1 a day) they gained the most, at over 3 inches gained.

The Problem with Having a Large Waistline

The more fat stored across your waistline the more at risk you are of suffering various health conditions including diabetes, heart disease and stroke that can all put your long term health at risk.

Those with a larger waistline are more likely to die earlier due to health conditions than their slimmer counterparts.

What Caused These Findings?

Although these diet drinks contain fewer calories than their ‘normal’ counterparts, the reality is that drinking them may cause you to eat more; in particular sugary foods.

They maybe free from sugar but when you drink them, your bodies “sugar reward” pathway is activated, which basically means that your sweet tooth is activated.

What Should You Be Drinking?

It may sound boring but if your aim is to lose weight then you should avoid soft drinks completely. Instead you should be drinking water.

Water is ideal for both weight loss and for your general health as it contains zero calories. It can also help to cut your appetite when consumed with a meal.

As water can also help to ‘flush’ toxins from your system you will find that weight gain is less of an issue, while your bowel movements should become more regular.

A bonus of flushing those toxins is that your skin will become much more clear, with fewer acne flare ups.

If you find water too boring to drink then my suggestion would be to slice up some lemon or other citrus fruit to add to it.

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