Diet Foods Leave You Feeling Unsatisfied

Diet Foods Leave You Feeling Unsatisfied

New research from the University of Michigan in the USA as revealed what we have suspected for a long time; that diet foods leave you feeling unsatisfied.

This could be why you have failed to succeed at the various diets you have tried in the past.

What research was undertaken?

During the study that was published in the journal Neuron, the team of researchers deprived fruit flies of food for several hours, before then giving them a choice of diet sweeteners or real sugar.

The team discovered that when the flies licked the real sugar, a group of 6 neurons were activated, which helped to release a hormone within the gut and brain that enabled digestion to take place.

This process allows the fly to consume more of the sugar.

Weight lossOn the other hand, when the fly licked the sweetener, this hormone was not produced as there is no energy (calories) present.

The team of researchers noted that the flies would always leave the sweetener, instead choosing the regular sugar.

While we as humans are not the same as flies, we can see why diet foods often do not satisfy us, which leads to excessive eating and weight gain.

Perhaps the next time you are looking to lose weight you would be better off using a different approach to these low-calorie diet foods.

What would we suggest for successful weight loss?

To successfully lose weight I would recommend that instead of buying low calorie foods that have been shown not to be satisfying, that you instead choose to eat more ‘whole’ foods.

These are foods such as vegetables that are full of nutrients that can fill you up without the calories that will cause weight gain.

As well as fruit and vegetables, foods rich in both fibre and protein are recommended too.

The fibre is slow to digest so will help keep you feeling fuller for longer, while the protein will digest slowly too with its energy being released slowly to ensure you do not suffer any bouts of low energy.

I would also recommend that you try to exercise a little more often too. Just 2-3 times a week should suffice, with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) recommended for those who only have a few minutes spare each day.

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