Diet for a Year to Keep the Weight Off

Diet for a Year to Keep the Weight Off

New research has indicated that if you want to keep the weight off long term then you need to be able to diet for at least a year.

Doing so will help to change your bodies chemical make-up, which will allow your weight loss to be maintained.

What research has been undertaken?

In a study undertaken at the University of Copenhagen, 20 obese adults were put on an 8 week diet of soup and powdered shakes.

At the end of this period the participants lost an average of 2 stone each.

These participants were then asked to try and maintain their weight for a 44 week period.

The researchers behind this study found that there are 3 molecules that govern how hungry people felt and how much they would subsequently eat.

After you have eaten, 2 hormones known as GLP-1 and PYY stop us from experiencing hunger, however as the food is digested another hormone Ghrelin is reduced, causing hunger.

Unfortunately many overweight people have a natural balance of these hormones that actually leave them feeling hungrier, which makes it difficult for them to cut back on their food intake.

This new study however has shown that after a year a dramatic change in these hormones will occur, which makes it easier for you to keep the lost weight off.

Signe Sorensen Torekov, from the University of Copenhagen had this to say about the findings:

“It’s very difficult to fight the hunger. Its like a drug you’re fighting against. This would have been an excellent mechanism 50 years ago, but the problem now is that we have so much food available that we can eat all the time.”

“We were able to show that you shouldn’t give up. If you’re able to keep your weight down for a year, then it shifts and it becomes easier.”

Our thoughts

This study is promising for those who are looking for long term results.

Sometimes being able to keep the lost weight off is harder than losing the weight in the first place.

Perhaps now that we know that our own chemical balance will change after a year of dieting, we will be able to remain slimmer and healthier in the long term.

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