Lose Weight with the Diet Plate

Lose Weight with the Diet Plate

If you are not a fan of calorie counting but are in desperate need of help with portion control then perhaps the Diet Plate could be the solution to your problems.

What is the Diet Plate?

The Diet Plate enables you to use portion control to lose weight with each section of the plate designed to show you how much of each food type you are allowed to eat.

The female and male versions of the plate allow you to consume between 1200 and 1550 calories per day, while the male version allows for 1500 to 1900 calories daily.

It is claimed that using these plates could allow you to lose between 1-4 pounds every week.

Is it proven?

The Diet PlateThe University of Calgary have looked at the Diet Plate and have published a study showing that those who use it are 6 times more likely to lose weight, rather than going it alone.

It was also discovered that those with diabetes were 3 times more likely to be able to control the condition.

How much does it cost?

The female Diet Plate will set you back £14.99, but as it is proven to help with your weight loss efforts then it is probably worth the cost.

Our conclusion

Portion control is something that many of us struggle with. Therefore using this plate will enable us to view exactly the correct portion sizes, which will allow us to cut our calorie intake accordingly without tedious calorie counting.

The idea behind the Diet Plate is simple enough, but as the old saying goes “sometimes the simplest ideas are the best”.

For those who struggle with calorie counting or portion sizes I would highly recommend the Diet Plate.

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