8 Common Weight Loss and Diet Q&As

8 Common Weight Loss and Diet Q&As

With the New Year fast approaching you may soon be thinking about how you are going to drop a few pounds.

It certainly wont be easy, but with commitment and a little determination you will achieve your goals.

Perhaps these weight loss and diet Q&As will help:

Question #1: Do fad diets work?

Answer: Unfortunately not, and you could be risking your long term health trying one too.

You may lose weight to begin, especially if the diet involves drastic calorie cutting. However, this is unlikely to result in long-term weight losses.

The reason for this is that your metabolism will slow too much when your calorie intake drops drastically. This means that you will no longer be able to lose weight.

Once you start eating any weight lost will quickly return.

As for the dangers, you are risking nutritional deficiencies when you drastically cut calories, or eliminate entire food groups.

I would recommend that you instead try to eat a wide range of foods, by try to reduce the number of processed or junk foods.

This will be a slower way to lose weight, but it will be ultimately a safer and more effective method to use.

Question #2: Is there a secret method to lose weight?

Answer: Again, there is no secret method. Although there are certain things you need in order to achieve your goal.

You need to be consistent and determined, which means that you need to keep working each day to move you that little bit closer to your goal.

Question #3: How many calories should I consume for weight loss?

Answer: This all depends on how many calories you need to function. There are various calculators online that you can use to work this out.

Although the recommended number of daily calories is 2,000 for women and 2,500 for men, chances are your own needs will be different.

Once you have worked out how many calories you need, you should then try to cut 500 calories from it, although you should never go below 1,200 calories.

I would recommend you keep a food diary to keep track of what you consume. That way you can see if anything needs changing for better results.

Question #4: Can I have a cheat day?

Answer: Personally, I am not a fan of cheat days, as if you are not careful you could undo all the good work you have done the rest of the week.

What I would recommend though is the occasional cheat meal. This can help to keep you on the straight-and-narrow as your diet wont become too boring, yet wont have too much of a negative effective on your overall diet.

Question #5: Do I have to starve to lose weight?

Answer: Of course not. There are plenty of foods you can eat that will fill you up without affecting your calorie intake.

For example, vegetables are usually low in calories but are full of fibre and water content that will fill you up.

As long as your diet contains plenty of vegetables then you shouldn’t feel hungry while losing weight.

Question #6: What should you eat for weight loss?

Answer: Rather than talk about what you should I will talk more about what you shouldn’t eat.

This is basically anything that is processed, so out should go the junk food and soft drinks.

Healthy EatingInstead opt for ‘whole’ foods which are foods that are minimally processed, which are often vegetables that are naturally lower in calories.

I would also recommend eating lean proteins like chicken or fish, as well as fibre-rich foods and good fats like those found in fatty fish.

Question #7: How much weight should you aim to lose?

Answer: This all depends on the individual, but what I would say is that while it is important to have an end goal, it is more important to set smaller goals for yourself.

These smaller goals should be achievable, to ensure you stay motivated throughout your journey.

If your goal is too big then it can become daunting and may lead to you quitting your efforts.

Think of it like this, the recommended amount of weekly weight loss is only 1-2 pounds, anything more than this is not likely in the long-term.

Question #8: How can you stay motivated to lose weight?

Answer: Apart from setting smaller goals as suggested above there are other methods you can use to keep your motivation levels high.

For example you should be taking regular photos of yourself, so that you can look back at them to see how your body has changed.

You can also take measurements too, and even seeing how your clothes no longer fit could be highly motivational.

I hope these few diet Q&As have given you a few pointers on how to achieve your own weight loss goals. Please comment below if you have your own tips.


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