Diet secrets of Hollywood stars

Diet secrets of Hollywood stars

There are dozens of different diets in Hollywood. There is probably no other place on earth that is more popular with weight loss and dieting.

Many celebrity men and women employ personal trainers and keep up to date with the latest dieting fads, it is after all their job to look good.

The general public are all interested in finding out the diet secrets of Hollywood stars; they believe that they have some special trick that allows them to stay slim and good looking through the years.

In actuality it is nothing like that, celebrities are human, they are all different so no one diet works the same for everyone.

Each one of them will try a different diet to see what works for them. Even then not all of these stars will stick to their diet, cravings are not just for the ordinary person on the street.

Celebrities don’t have secret knowledge of how to get a beautiful body; they get their tips just like other people do. They hear tips from their hairdressers or from the girls in makeup. Many follow the advice of their agent or publicist, they also tend to follow the latest fashionable trainer or dietician. Some celebrities even hire people to make these decisions for them.

These celebrities all have to deal with the same issues as the rest of us.

Sticking to a diet is hard, many celebrities eat things they shouldn’t and resent the fact they can’t eat like it all the time.

They worry about the effects these diets can have on their skin, and wanting to look good all the time. For every star however, there is an army of lighting experts, make-up artists, beauticians, image editing and visual effects people making sure that the face we see on screen and in the magazines is as perfect as can be.

One thing that should be said about the Hollywood star is that they work harder at their diet than most people. It is important for their job that they keep in shape and look good everyday. They are not experts in dieting and it is unrealistic for us to think that they are.

There is no secret to looking good in Hollywood, just a will to carry on the struggle to look good and keep fit.

How can you achieve a Hollywood body?

The first thing you should ask yourself is whether you want to lose weight purely for vanity reasons or whether it is for an improvement to your health.

If it is for vanity reasons and just to look better then you maybe disappointed. Especially if you are basing your appearance on a celebrity that has money to burn in their efforts to look as good as possible.

I would suggest that you lose weight for health reasons firstly, with any physical changes to be seen as an added bonus.

So how can you go about losing this excess weight? Well, firstly you will need to look at your diet.

Firstly, out should go the junk food, takeaways and processed foods. Instead you should replace these with whole-foods, which are foods found in their natural form. These are minimally processed so contain many more nutrients that your body requires.

Fruits and vegetables are a must as these are nutritionally-rich and can be used to bulk out your meals without adding unnecessary calories to it.

Protein-rich foods are recommended as they are slow to digest and will release energy steadily throughout the day, this ensures you do not suffer those sugar highs and lows you would suffer with certain carbs.

Protein is also good for repairing and growing muscle, which is essential for your workouts to ensure recovery times are reduced. Also, the more muscle mass the faster your metabolism will be, which means you will be able to burn off more calories even when resting.

Fibre-rich foods are also recommended too, as these can fill you up, and can help resolve any digestive issues you may have. A poor digestion can lead to waste build up, as well as bloating and other issues.

Weight LossWhat you drink also has an impact on your weight, which is why I would recommend cutting sugar-filled soft drinks from your diet. You should also try to cut back on your sugar intake with any hot beverages you drink.

You may think that diet varieties of your favourite soft drink would be a good choice, but research has shown that these are also bad for weight loss. As they cause you to crave sweet foods.

The best drink for weight loss is water, which may seem boring, but with zero calories and the ability to curb hunger it really is a simple choice to make. You could always add a slice of lemon or lime to your water to make it taste a little more interesting.

Next you need to think about your exercise regime.

Personally I would recommend weight training alongside cardio, this is because this can help to build muscle, which we have already mentioned is good for raising your metabolic rate.

For those who are short of time then you may want to consider HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, as these workouts are performed at maximum intensity so are perfect for those who with to burn off potentially hundreds of calories in just a few minutes.

Other things to consider when attempting to lose weight include:

  1. Keeping your stress under control
  2. Getting plenty of sleep

Both can have a negative effect on your hormones, causing issues such as food cravings and the inability to burn fat.

Forget about how your celebrity idol manages to lose weight, the above tips will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Without expensive personal trainers and nutritionists that these stars have on offer.

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