Diets to avoid in 2015

Diets to avoid in 2015

It seems like every month there is a new diet brought to market that promises incredible results.

Often they will use celebrity endorsements or unrealistic testimonials to market its benefits, unfortunately many of these diets turn out to be fad diets that may work in the short-term but could potentially be dangerous to the user long-term.

Here are some diets you may want to avoid in 2015:

#1: The Fat Black Diet

This first fad diet of 2015 involves you drinking a 460-calorie blend of coffee, butter and oil that is said to promote weight loss and brain power.

It is also claimed to boost energy levels, no doubt because of the caffeine content.

#2: The Mono Meal Diet

If you are fond of all-you-can-eat buffet’s then this diet is certainly not for you as it restricts you to just a single food per meal.

Not only are you only allowed one food, but it must also be either a fruit or vegetable.

The reasoning behind this diet is to ensure you cut out those bad food combinations that would normally cause weight gain to occur.

#3: The Keto Diet

This low-carb, high-fat diet seems quite similar to the popular Atkins diet. It bans the consumption of grains, bread and sugar, instead you may eat meat, nuts, cream and cheese.

The protein content in these sorts of foods ensuring you stay fuller for longer.

This diet works as when your body is starved of carbohydrates it will instead burn fat through a process known as ketosis, hence the name.

#4: Ear stapling

One of the more extreme diets of 2015, this diet involves a practitioner inserting a staple into the inner cartilage of your ear in order to target a pressure point that is claimed to suppress your appetite.

This staple will remain in place for 2 months, where it is said to reduce your hunger and sugar cravings.

At present there is no medical evidence to back up this particular diet, with the medical field stating that it will likely lead to an increase in ear infections.

#5: Diet Bet

This diet is a completely new approach to weight loss as it involves you competing against either friends or complete strangers for a cash prize.

According to the Diet Bet website the average weight loss achieved by its members is almost 5 kg.

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