Do appetite suppressants work and other FAQ’s

Do appetite suppressants work and other FAQ’s

One of the most common reasons why diets fail are our inability to control our cravings while on a diet.

Appetite suppressants were created to help you to cope with this problem and to ensure you stick to those difficult diets and actually achieve your weight loss goals.

But do appetite suppressants really work? Or are they just another waste of money that simply don’t work?

How do appetite suppressants work?

There are two forms of appetite suppressant, those that alter your hormones chemically that are called anorectics, and those that are more natural but can suppress your appetite by either being slow to digest or expand in your stomach.

Anorectics work by increasing the production of hormones such as epinephrine and norepinephrine that are basically ‘fight or flight’ hormones, meaning they help to stimulate your central nervous system and cause an increase in your heart rate.

This process also causes an interruption in the signal from your brain telling your body that you need to eat.

Natural appetite suppressants usually contain some form of soluble fibre as it will stay in your stomach for a long period of time, where it will bind with any dietary fat you consume.

The gel-like substance created from the combination of fat and fibre is not digested and will simply sit in your stomach before it is expelled using the usual process.

Do appetite suppressants work?

Yes, appetite suppressants can work. However not all are effective so you need to make sure that you don’t simply believe the hype and do a little research of your own.

Food cravingsYou should at the very least look at what ingredients have been used, the amount of each ingredient and whether these ingredients are not only effective at suppressing your appetite, but are safe to use with no side effects either.

Do natural appetite suppressants work?

Natural appetite suppressants can be just as effective as those available on prescription. They may even be a better option as often those prescription only appetite suppressants come with nasty side effects that should be avoided.

Do appetite suppressants have side effects?

Although there are some appetite suppressants that will not cause any side effects (mostly natural ones) there are some that cause side effects.

Phentermine for example is a popular prescription only appetite suppressant that will reduce your food cravings yet has been linked to numerous side effects.

These side effects include headaches, dizziness, increased heart rate and difficulty breathing amongst others.

Do appetite suppressants affect birth control?

This really depends on what type of birth control you are using, and the brand of appetite suppressant you are using too.

If you are in any doubt then it is always advisable that you speak to your doctor.

Do appetite suppressants slow your metabolism?

No, appetite suppressants will cause the opposite reaction, an increased metabolism.

Do appetite suppressants cause constipation?

Unfortunately there are some forms of appetite suppressant that will cause constipation.

Appetite suppressing

Constipation is another side effect associated with Phentermine, which we have already mentioned causes numerous other side effects.

Do appetite suppressants cause high blood pressure?

Again some types of appetite suppressant, for example Sibutramine (Meridia) have been linked with high blood pressure.

As previously mentioned you should always check to see what ingredients have been used in an appetite suppressant before you try it.

Do appetite suppressants cause hair loss?

Although there have been reports that Phentermine may cause hair loss there is no official word on the matter.

As Phentermine causes so many other side effects then it is not recommended for use regardless of whether it causes hair loss.

Why do appetite suppressants make me hungry?

If an appetite suppressant is making you feel hungry then it obviously is not doing what it is supposed to.

The purpose of an appetite suppressant is to reduce these food cravings so you should look at what ingredients are present.

Increasing your water intake along with your intake of protein and fibre can also improve your ability to suppress those cravings.

Do appetite suppressants affect fertility?

It is not known whether appetite suppressants can affect fertility. What is known is that being overweight or obese will reduce your chances of becoming pregnant.

Once you become pregnant however, then it is recommended that you discontinue the use of any appetite suppressant.

Certain prescription appetite suppressants have been linked to miscarriages and birth defects.

Which appetite suppressant is recommended?

Although there are hundreds of different products available designed to suppress your appetite we would recommend staying away from the prescription options as there is a greater chance of side effects.

Therefore a natural appetite suppressant is recommended, in the form of Garcinia Cambogia.

Garcinia Cambogia is found in parts of India and Asia, where it is often referred to as Gambooge or Brindleberry.

It has a long history in traditional medicine but has also been shown to help:

  • Boost your serotonin levels, which will improve your moods
  • Improve your sleep
  • Suppress your appetite

The reason why Garcinia Cambogia is so effective at suppressing your appetite is that it causes your body to increase the production of serotonin, which is the hormone that sends feel good messages to your brain.

It has been shown that if your serotonin levels are low then you are more likely to comfort eat.

When choosing a Garcinia Cambogia supplement you should look for one with a minimum of 50% HCA as this will ensure you see the best results.

Garcinia Pure is a supplement with 60% HCA and 1000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia in each capsule so this would be our recommendation. It is priced at £39.99 ($62) for a months supply of 60 capsules, with FREE delivery in the UK.

You can buy this supplement without having to sign up for a trial or an auto ship scheme.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Pure

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