Do I Need A Personal Trainer?

Do I Need A Personal Trainer?

If you are attempting to lose a few lbs you may be tempted to hire a personal trainer to help you get the most from your time in the gym.

Well, although most claim that they will be able to get you lean in no time in reality it is not the best option, and certainly is not the cheapest either.

Are they highly trained?

You will find that most personal trainers are simply employees of the gym and unfortunately do not know much more than you know yourself.

They might have undergone a course to get certified but you may have the same knowledge just from a few online articles.

You may even be surprised to learn that a few wont even follow the latest weight loss news and are still promoting popular myths from 10 or so years ago.

Just qualified

Unfortunately most gyms hire newly qualified personal trainers who are working at minimum wage just to get a little experience.

You would certainly not want to spend your hard earned money on someone who may not know what they are talking about, let alone one of the many personal trainers who don’t look fit themselves.

What is the best option?

For a cheaper and more effective workout you should spend a few hours online, looking at articles on the latest gym workouts. YouTube is another cost effective method that is recommended as you will be able to view a variety of exercises performed.

If you are still not seeing the results you would expect then you may want to consider a private trainer. They may be more expensive but they are professional and should be able to help you get that one step closer to your final goal.

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