Do Juice Cleanses Work?

Do Juice Cleanses Work?

In the past year or so there has been a lot of people claiming that juice cleanses are a good way to lose weight, but is this true?

Unfortunately, a liquid diet is rarely the best option for weight loss or your general health, as although you may initially lose weight, you may not be getting the nutrients you require into your body.

So, if you were wondering whether juice cleanses work or not? Then I am afraid that the answer is no. Read on to discover why they are best avoided.

#1: You are spending money for nothing

Your body is designed to cleanse yourself daily without the use of specialist cleansers, so why are you bothering to buy these products?

They are simply effectively marketed, and you would see just as good results by simply cutting back on the junk food from your diet.

#2: They wont fill you up

If you go on a juice cleanse then you will find that you will be hungry.

Juice CleanseThe reason for this is once fruit has been juiced it loses its fibre content, which is what fills you up.

Also, fruit contains natural sugars, which are quickly digested by your body due to the lack of fibre. This causes a sharp rise in blood sugar levels, which will also fall rapidly too, therefore resulting in further cravings for sugar.

#3: Juice cleanses could be dangerous

Not only is the lack of nutrients a real concern, but the sugar intake could also be dangerous for diabetics.

I suggest that if you are diabetic that you do not attempt one of these cleanses.

#4: The weight loss is only short-term

While it is certainly possible to lose weight with a juice cleanse, after all you are not eating anything so your calorie intake will be low.

Unfortunately, this weight loss will likely only be water weight that is quickly replaced once you start eating and drinking again.

A better option would simply be to watch what you are eating, and to cut back on the junk food and portion sizes.

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