Do You Have a Slow Metabolism?

Do You Have a Slow Metabolism?

If you are trying to lose weight then you will know just how important you metabolism is.

After-all, your metabolism is what helps to burn off those excess calories.

For those who struggle with a slow metabolism it will be difficult to lose weight, so what are the symptoms of a slow metabolism?

#1: You don’t feel hungry

If you wake up in the morning and don’t feel hunger, or can go without eating until lunchtime then chances are you have a slow metabolism.

#2: You suffer from aches and pains

A side effect of a sluggish thyroid gland is aches and pains. If you suffer from them perhaps your metabolism is slower than it should.

#3: You tend to gain fat across your waist

It is an unfortunate fact that those who struggle with their metabolism will likely gain most weight and fat across their waistlines.

#4: You have low energy levels

A lack of energy can be caused by a slow metabolism. This can also leave you depressed, sluggish and lacking any sex drive.

Tips to help boost your metabolism

There are numerous methods you can do to increase your metabolism:

1) Choose foods that boost your metabolism – for example broccoli, spinach, grapefruit and chillies.

2) Add spices to your diet – this causes a process called thermogenesis to occur, which is when your internal body temperature increases.

3) Avoid sugar and alcohol – this can affect the hormones that control your metabolism.

4) Get regular exercise – exercise will boost your metabolism.

5) Lift weights – the extra muscle you gain will cause an increase to your metabolic rate.

6) Don’t skip meals – this causes your body to go into a type of ‘starvation mode’ where your metabolism will slow in an effort to hold onto its fat reserves.

7) Drink water – not only will drinking water save you valuable calories, it can also curb your appetite and if drunk cold can boost your metabolism.

Now you know not only what to look for if you suspect your metabolism is not running as it should, but also a few tips to help improve your situation.

Your metabolism is important for weight loss, but luckily for you there are solutions available.


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