Drew Barrymore Weight Loss Results Revealed

Drew Barrymore Weight Loss Results Revealed

This past week Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore has revealed her weight loss results after losing a staggering 20 pounds following her split from Will Kopelman.

How did Drew Barrymore lose weight?

Speaking to Us Weekly Drew revealed her weight loss secrets:

“I was 144 and now I’m 124. I did it on the filming of a Netflix show [‘Santa Clarita Diet’].”

“I feel really great. I followed Kimberly Snyder’s methods, but I added some protein like fish and chicken since she’s all vegetarian or vegan. I’ve been very disciplined and all I did was cry and dream about pizza. I still am dreaming and crying about pizza.”

According to her website, Kimberly Snyder has also worked with other Hollywood stars including Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Hilary Duff, Fergie, Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum, along with others.

Her diet does not involve extreme dieting, but she does urge her clients to eat a plant-based salad prior to dinner, and to only ever eat fruit on an empty stomach.

According to her website:

“I will teach you how to optimise your digestion and still slim down without being hungry all the time (or have to obsess over calorie or carb counting).”

“Life is too short to be miserable and obsessed about your diet!”

This is good advice, and you are far more likely to stick to a diet if you are enjoying it. If it is too strict or only allows certain foods (is too strict) then chances are you wont want to stick with it long-term.

This is not the first time that Drew has worked with Kimberly. She also worked with her following the birth of her daughter Olive back in 2012.

Speaking at the time she revealed what diet plan she created for Drew Barrymore:

“I designed a diet for Drew that is extremely nutrient dense, but also filling so she doesn’t have to feel hungry.”

“We don’t count calories but rather centre her diet around whole, alkaline plant foods up until dinner. For lunch and dinner, I make different types of salads for her, followed by an entrée like the ones in my new book ‘Beauty Detox Foods.’”

What else does Drew Barrymore do that could help her weight loss?

Although she claims that she only performs yoga and kickboxing for “mental” reasons. Exercise is incredibly important for good health and will help burn off excess calories so will undoubtedly help with her weight loss efforts.

So what do you think about Drew Barrymore’s weight loss?



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