How to drink alcohol while dieting?

How to drink alcohol while dieting?

Although the best advice is to simply stop drinking alcohol while dieting, this is easier said than done as most of us like an occasional tipple especially after a stressful day in work.

The problem is that alcohol is simply ‘empty calories’ that offer no nutritional value, but can derail your attempts at weight loss.

Is there a way to enjoy alcohol without letting it ruin your latest diet?

Think before you drink

The good news is that you don’t have to quit drinking alcohol entirely to succeed at losing weight, it just has to fit in with the rest of your choices.

It is recommended that you at least try to limit your intake of alcohol, with women suggested to consume just the one drink a day, with men allowed two.

If you are on a calorie controlled diet then you will need to learn what amount of calories each drink contains.

  • Most wines contain around 120 calories per serving
  • Hard liquors (gin & vodka) contain around 100 calories per serving
  • Regular beer = around 150 calories
  • Light beer = 100 calories

The worst kind of drinks are cocktails or mixers, with drinks as simple as a rum and Coke containing more than 200 calories.

It is easy to see how these calories can add up fast if you are not careful with your choices. Be careful and budget your calories throughout your day if you enjoy a drink.

Add a little ice

Even though saving a few calories for a night out will allow you to drink alcohol with a little freedom a little tip to reduce the overall calorie amount is to add ice.

Not only will the ice make the drink last that little bit longer, but it will also dilute the alcohol content and reduce your overall calorie intake.

Fresh ingredients are best

If you really must drink cocktails and mixers then the best options are those that use natural ingredients with a little alcohol.

Those that use caffeinated drinks such as Coke are going to be more unhealthy than those made from fruit juices.

For a start they will contain less sugar so you will not have to limit your intake as much.

Another option is to simply use diet versions of your favourite caffeinated drinks, they will contain less sugar and calories yet still taste similar.

We all enjoy the occasional drink but your health should be more important to you. Drink in moderation, slim down and avoid the many different health problems associated with being overweight.

In addition it can help give your liver a much needed rest.

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