Drinking ‘clay’ for weight loss

Drinking ‘clay’ for weight loss

In the news recently Lenny Kravitz’s daughter Zoë Kravitz has spoken about how she has lost weight for an upcoming film role.

As the role is that of an anorexic/bulimic Zoë had to lose 20 pounds using a cleanse, which may not sound too shocking but instead of simply cutting out the junk food she decided the best course of action would be to drink clay.

The reason being:

“Because it cleans out your body and fills you up. I was eating, like, a mason jar of pureed vegetables a day and running.”

Is drinking clay a good way to lose weight or is it a celebrity fad that you ought to avoid? Lets look at this weight loss method in more detail before we come to any conclusions.

What clay was used?

The clay drunk by Zoë Kravitz is bentonite clay that is composed of volcanic ash. It has been used in the past to treat a variety of ailments.

Zoe Kravitz weight lossIt is believed that drinking this clay will help to clean out your liver, colon and skin, as well as being able to balance out the bacteria found in your digestive system, while strengthening your immune system too.

This bentonite clay has little scientific evidence to back up its claimed health and weight loss benefits, however it is full of beneficial ingredients such as the minerals montmorillonite and magnesium, along with 67 other trace minerals.

Is there any scientific proof of its efficiency?

Although there is little proof surrounding the use of clay it is believed that using clay to detox will help your body to remove built up toxins.

It is these toxins that build up within your body due to your diet, your environment and various other factors.

When these toxins are too high weight gain and numerous other health issues could become an issue.

Potential issues of using a clay detox

Drinking or eating clay in the hope of losing weight is certainly not recommended.

For a start there is a risk that doing so will cause adverse effects such as abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhoea, and constipation.

Not even Zoë Kravitz would recommend anyone to try this method of weight loss, describing it as “awful”.

It must be mentioned one more time that she did not undertake this dietary method for personal reasons but rather in order to emulate the body of someone who is suffering from anorexia.

Recommended methods to lose weight

If you want to lose weight then certainly detoxing can be a great way to get those weighing scales moving in the right direction.

However, instead of reaching for the clay try cutting back on the junk food and drink some lemon water too as this will act as a mild diuretic, which will help get that stored waste moving.

You may also want to try using a product such as Detox Plus as this will give you the detox you desire.

Alternatively changing your diet for the better and getting regular exercise is still the best method you can use to shift excess pounds.

Stop visiting the takeaway so often, instead try to eat a diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein.

Protein is slower to digest that both fat and carbohydrates so will keep you fuller for longer, but will still provide you with all the energy you need.

Increase the amount of water you drink as this will also keep your food cravings to a minimum.

Finally, get some exercise. Just 20 minutes of intense exercise 3-4 times a week will make a huge difference to how you look, feel and weigh.

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