What drinks should you avoid while dieting?

What drinks should you avoid while dieting?

If you are on a diet then you really should be avoiding caffeinated drinks and alcohol, instead you should be drinking water.

However, this is not always possible as you will have social obligations that will make avoiding alcohol almost impossible.

If this is the case here are some drinks you should avoid, along with some suggested alternatives:

Drink to avoid #1 – Margarita

A Margarita could contain as many as 400 calories. The reason being that most bars like to use a pre-made commercial sour mix that are unfortunately full of sugar.

If you really must drink a Margarita ask to see if the barman can make it using a freshly squeezed lime instead.

Drink to avoid #2 – Mai Tai

This polynesian drink is full of rum, pineapple, orange juice and Curacao liqueur, which amounts to a shocking 250 calories per standard portion.

What is even more shocking is its sugar content (as much as 18 gm), making this one drink you really should try to avoid if you are aiming to lose weight.

Drink to avoid #3 – Daiquiri

When choosing a Daiquiri it is best to choose one made using fresh ingredients. However, most are made in a ready-to-drink mix that are usually high in sugar content.

On average this drink will contain around 180 calories once you count in the rum content too.

Drink to avoid #4 – White Russian

A White Russian is generally made with vodka, Kahlua and a generous drizzle of cream that amounts to as much as 500 calories, with lots of sugar and saturated fat.

This is one drink you need to avoid.

Healthier alternatives

For a healthier alternative to the above drinks perhaps you could try the following:

  • Red wine – An average glass contains 115 calories.
  • Ultralight beer – Although light beer contains around 100 calories per serving. Ultralight beers generally contain around 55 calories.
  • Martini – Generally around 100 calories, although you should avoid fruit juices and liqueurs to keep the calorie intake low.

It is possible for you to go out and have fun, and even enjoy a little bit of alcohol. Just remember which drinks you should avoid and drink in moderation. These are ‘empty calories’ after all.

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