6 Drinks to Avoid If You Want to Lose Weight

6 Drinks to Avoid If You Want to Lose Weight

If you are trying to lose weight then it is pretty obvious that you need to make changes to what you are eating.

Junk food should be the first to go, but what about what you drink?

Drinks such as milkshakes, soft drinks and those sugar-filled sports drinks are the obvious choices to drop, but there could be other seemingly healthy drinks that you should be avoiding too.

Lets read on to discover what drinks you should be avoiding if weight loss is your goal.

#1: Coffee

While there is no harm in certain coffees, if you are adding sugars and cream then this could pose a problem.

Coffee contains caffeine that is a stimulant that can increase your metabolic rate, which can help burn off calories. However, if you are consuming extra calories thanks to your sugar and cream intake then this benefit will be negated.

#2: Skimmed milk

This is a popular choice among dieters who believe that less fat equals weight loss.

Unfortunately this is not the case with research showing that those who consume skimmed milk over time tend to gain more weight than those who do not.

The problem is that this type of milk is artificially sweetened, so is best avoided.

Other milk options to avoid include almond or rice milk.

If you want a substitute for dairy milk then choose unsweetened nut milks.

#3: Iced tea

These could contain hidden sugars, especially when bought from a restaurant.

When buying from a supermarket you can check the label, but this option is likely not available to you when buying from a restaurant.

#4: Fruit juice

What could be healthier than fruit juice? This is a question you are likely asking yourself right now.

Well, the problem with fruit juice is that it is almost pure sugar. When the fruit has been juiced you are removing all of the beneficial fibre content leaving just natural sugars.

Fruit JuiceOf course sugar equals calories and without the fibre you will likely experience further cravings soon enough.

If you do love fruit juice then try to avoid those that contain added sugars too. Always check the label before you buy.

#5: Smoothies

If you are not careful with the ingredients used then you may surprise yourself at how many calories they contain.

Think about it like this, would you sit and eat a snack containing 5 different fruits? Probably not, so why would you drink it?

If you really must drink smoothies look for healthy recipes online rather than winging it.

#6: Energy drinks

Ok, our last suggestion is probably not a surprise but it is worth mentioning that these energy drinks are not only full of stimulants but sugar and calories too.

As they contain stimulants they can affect your sleep patterns too, which can in turn mess with the hormones that control your appetite.

It maybe best to give them a miss entirely.

What should you be drinking for weight loss?

It probably sounds boring but your best option is plain tap water.

Water contains zero calories, but can quench your thirst effectively while also helping to curb your appetite.

Research has even shown that drinking water before a meal could even cut the amount of calories you consume during the meal itself.

If water is too boring for you then I would suggest cutting up some lemon, or another citrus fruit to add flavour.


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