Drop Away Diet Drops review

Drop Away Diet Drops review

If you are on Facebook then you have no doubt seen the adverts for the Drop Away Diet Drops, which seem to be cropping on everyones timeline.

Can this product really help you reach your weight loss goals? Its user testimonials seem to suggest that it could.

Lets look at this supplement in more detail to see if it does work as claimed.

Claimed benefits of Drop Away Diet Drops

Drop Away Diet Drops have made the following claims on their website:

  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Healthy diet plan
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Quick results
  • Short term diet
  • Fantastic food choices

Now although these claims sound fantastic we would need to look at the ingredients used in these supplements before I can verify them.

I would worry myself about any diet or supplement that promises quick results, as no doubt the diet is going to be restrictive or potentially dangerous.

How does the Drop Away Diet work?

The Drop Away Diet works in 5 phases:

Phase 1 is for just 2 days and during this time you are allowed to eat as many high fat foods as you like as this is known as the “load days”.

During this first phase you will be asked to take 15 drops 3 times a day.

Diet dropsPhase 2 is for a period of 20 days up to a total of 65 days where you will still have to take the diet drops as above but you will also have to follow their diet.

Without joining there is no way of knowing how many calories you are allowed to consume daily, there are reports that it could be as low as 900 calories per day.

If true this daily calorie limit is too low and although will initially cause weight loss to occur it will quickly be regained.

A lack of calories will also result in a lack of essential nutrients being consumed. No wonder they recommend that you take a multi-vitamin during this phase.

Phase 3 is known as the “reset phase” and is for the last 3 days of the diet, after you have finished your course of drops. During this phase you must continue your low calorie diet.

Phase 4 is the “maintenance phase” that should last 21 days. During this period your calorie intake will be a minimum of 1500 calories with more protein but no sugars or starchy foods.

This then leads onto Phase 5, which is the final phase where you are slowly allowed to reintroduce sugar and carbs back into your diet.

Ingredients found in their products

Although Drop Away have a variety of products for sale on their website including Raspberry Ketone and Garcinia Cambogia supplements, I am going to focus on the diet drops as these are what they recommend to use alongside their diet.

These diet drops contain a proprietary blend of 20 natural ingredients that include L-Carnitine, L-Ornithine, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Tyrosine, Beta-alanine, Chromium, Blue Green Algae among others.

Although many of these ingredients have been shown to aid weight loss the use of the term ‘proprietary’ is disappointing as this only means that it contains the ingredient but the manufacturer is not willing to disclose the amounts.

Also as there are some ingredients missing from this list how can you tell if this product will actually aid your efforts, or even if it is safe.

My instinct is that this supplement may not actually help your efforts at all, with most weight being lost due to the lack of calories consumed during the diet.

How much does Drop Away Diet Drops cost?

One bottle of Drop Away Diet Drops will cost £35, which is quite high. Buying 2 or 3 bottles in one go will bring the individual prices down slightly, however.

Is the Drop Away Diet recommended?

I find it hard to recommend this diet despite its user testimonials, who seem pleased with their results.

The supplement itself is overpriced and in my opinion is not going to aid your efforts. The weight you are going to lose is going to be due to the diet itself.

The diet plan also has issues as I would never recommend that you reduce your calorie intake lower than 1200 calories per day, especially for such a long period of time (65 days in some cases).

You may initially lose weight but once you start reintroducing your old foods back into your diet the weight will creep back on.

To lose weight and keep it off long term then you need to change your lifestyle choices for the better. Eat better foods and get regular exercise, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Alternative to Drop Away Diet Drops

As stated briefly to lose weight and keep it off you need to start eating healthier, cut back on the junk food and start eating more fresh produce including lean protein sources as this will help keep hunger at bay and your energy levels high.

You should also stop drinking those caffeinated drinks like Coca-Cola, instead drink more water as this is also shown to reduce cravings while helping to cleanse your body of the toxins that cause weight gain.

Exercise is also important for any weight loss attempt, as without it you are not going to be able to burn off those excess calories and stored fat. Just find something you enjoy doing and the exercise will not become a chore.

Finally, remember if you want to be successful and keep the weight off long term then you can’t think of this as a ‘short term fix’, change your mentality and start thinking about this as a lifestyle change.

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