Dummies Guide to Weight Loss

Dummies Guide to Weight Loss

You may not be a dummy, but with all the various weight loss methods available it can be difficult to know what does and does not work.

This is why this ‘Dummies Guide to Weight Loss’ report was written, to cut through the rubbish spouted by so-called experts and to get to methods that actually work.

Read on and implement these tips and you will soon start to see those scales moving in the right direction.

#1: Prepping your meals

What you eat is one of the most important aspects of any weight loss attempt.

If you are not eating as healthily as possible then it is highly unlikely that you will ever reach your weight loss goals.

In this day and age however many of us lead extremely busy lives, which makes preparing healthy meals from scratch difficult. However, with a little pre-planning it is possible.

I would suggest that you pick a day, probably a Sunday as this is likely to be the least busy and to work out what you are going to eat the following week.

You should have a good idea of your plans for the upcoming week so you can write a shopping list of what ingredients you need to pre-prepare the meals.

Once you have bought these ingredients you can prepare any vegetables and store them ready for cooking. You can also prepare entire meals that you can simply reheat when time is short.

This tip may seem strange to begin, but just think about the time you have saved yourself during the week. Plus, it will save you having to eat takeaways or microwave meals.

#2: Eat clean

This is an obvious tip, but is still one that many of us fail to do.

The tip to eating clean, is to avoid eating any processed foods. This means you should try to eat fresh produce if possible.

What you drink is also important, so out should go those sugar-filler soft drinks. Instead try drinking water, it is infinitely a better choice for you.

Even fruit juices are a bad choice, as they are often full of added sugar. The fibre has also been removed, so you would be better off eating fresh fruit instead.

While it is a good idea to eat clean, the occasional treat should not do too much harm, just do not let it become a normal part of your daily diet.

This treat will ensure your diet does not become too boring as you will end up resenting the choices, and inevitably will quit your efforts.

#3: Plan your workouts in advance

As with your diet, your exercise regime is also important. Not only for helping to burn excess calories, but also for an improvement to your overall health too.

By planning your workout week in advance there will be no excuse not to do any exercise.

#4: Perform HIIT

As mentioned already, many of us lead busy lives, with exercise being one of the first things to fall by the wayside when time is short.

Working OutHowever, if you want to workout you don’t necessarily need hours to burn off those calories, in fact you can potentially burn hundreds just in a few minutes of performing HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training.

This particular form of working out will involve numerous exercises being performed at maximum intensity with very few short breaks.

#5: Workout with a friend

To keep you motivated and to push you to workout to your maximum ability I would also suggest that you workout with a friend.

Taking part in a group fitness class could also be a good idea too. No doubt your local gym has a variety of classes for you to choose from.

Again working out with other people is a great way to remain motivated as you will be receiving encouragement from the other members.

#6: Have realistic goals and expectations

The truth is that despite your best efforts you are not going to reach your weight loss goals overnight, in reality it could take many weeks, months or even years depending on how much weight you need to lose.

It is important to be realistic with both your goals and expectations as aiming too high will only leave you unhappy and likely to quit.

What I would suggest is setting small goals that are easily achievable, but as you reach this goal to then set a new one.

Achieving these small goals will encourage you to achieve the next one, and before long these smaller goals will amount to a much larger weight loss.

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