Early Exercise is Best for Weight Loss

Early Exercise is Best for Weight Loss

If your aim is to lose weight then the best time for you to exercise is as early as possible, preferably before breakfast.

It is claimed that if you work out on an empty stomach your body will be able to burn more fat as your body is in a ‘fasting state’.

Is there any proof?

There certainly is, with a 2010 study undertaken at the Research Center for Exercise and Health at Catholic University Leuven in Belgium on young and healthy men proving its benefits.

What did the study entail?

During the study the men were allowed to gorge themselves for a period of 6 weeks on a diet that consisted of 30% more calories and 50% more fat than they would usually consume.

The men were split into 3 groups with 1 group remaining sedentary (doing no exercise), the second group doing a mid-morning exercise routine, with the final group of men undergoing the same routine before they had eaten breakfast.

What were the results of the study?

At the end of the 6 week study, unsurprisingly those volunteers who remained sedentary throughout the study gained the most weight.

ExerciseThis group gained an average of 6 pounds each, with each volunteer also developing an insulin resistance and a higher body fat percentage.

The group with the best results were those who exercised before eating anything, with those volunteers not gaining too much weight, while able to retain healthy insulin levels.

What else should you do?

While the volunteers who exercised before breakfast saw the best results the scientists concluded that in order for weight loss to occur you would need to combine this approach with a healthy balanced diet.

This would mean that as well as exercising as often as possible (2-3 times a week while giving 100%) you should also cut back on junk food, while increasing your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.

It is also recommended that you start drinking a little healthier too. You would be surprised at how many extra calories you consume every day when you do not take notice of what you are drinking.

Rather than drinking soft drinks or a hot beverage that contains milk, cream or sugar, your best bet would be to replace these with water. It contains zero calories after-all remember?

If you follow these few tips you soon will start to see the results you are hoping to see.

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