4 Easy to follow tips for Weight Loss

4 Easy to follow tips for Weight Loss

Are you worried that being overweight could increase the chances of you developing a life-limiting condition? Well, you should.

There is plenty of research that shows that being overweight can increase the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, plus a number of other conditions.

And with 63% of women aged between 45 and 54 classed as overweight or obese (80% for men) then you are certainly not the only one at risk.

Of course you do not have to accept that you are overweight, as there are plenty of ways that you can reduce your weight.

Below you will find a few easy to follow tips for weight loss, perhaps you could try implementing a few of these into your daily routine.

#1: Learn to cook

If you are not preparing your own food then how do you know what you are eating?

By learning to cook you can prepare your own meals, using natural and healthy ingredients. Rather than simply buying ready meals or eating from your local takeaway.

When cooking your own meals it is best to add plenty of vegetables, as these are full of nutrients your body needs, yet are also low in calories so wont cause weight gain.

It is also a good idea to add a healthy fibre and protein source to your meals too. The fibre can help to fill you up, while the protein is good for maintaining muscle while you lose weight.

#2: Use smaller plates

It should come as no surprise to you that if you eat from a smaller plate your portion size should also be reduced.

A study by Cornell University found that reducing the plate size from 12in to 10in would reduce your calorie intake by 22%. This could result in a 18 pound weight loss over the course of a year.

The only issue would be if you were to stack your food or to go back for seconds. So you will still need to use a little restraint yourself.

#3: Keep track of your actions

If you are writing down what you eat and the calories they contain then you will know exactly what you consume and whether any changes need to be made.

You should also write down what you drink too, as this can also have an impact.

Tips for Weight LossKeeping track of your activity levels is also important, as many of us lead quite sedentary lifestyles we may not get enough daily exercise. However, by writing it down you will become more accountable for your actions and could potentially inspire you to become more active.

Remember for successful weight loss you cannot rely solely on diet or exercise, for best results to occur you will need both.

#4: Get support

If you are trying to lose weight without any support then you are less likely to be as successful as those who have the support of friends and family.

Not only will you occasionally lack motivation, but if any issues occur you may not be able to talk to anyone about them. This can lead to you prematurely quitting your efforts.

By using the support of your loved ones you can remain motivated throughout the journey, plus will be able to discuss any issues before they become too much of a burden.

There are a number of classes (Slimming World and Weight Watchers to name just two) that you can sign up with that will allow you to speak to like-minded individuals if you are not getting the support you need at home.

Facebook is also a good place too, as there are a number of weight loss and diet groups you can join.

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