7 Easy Ways to Lose a Pound a Week

7 Easy Ways to Lose a Pound a Week

If you have gained weight over the past summer holiday you maybe looking to lose a little weight.

Now, some of you maybe tempted to lose the weight as quickly as possible using whatever means, yet, I would not recommend this.

Losing weight quickly using dubious methods rarely work and you most certainly do not want to risk your long-term health doing so.

What I would recommend would be to aim to lose a pound a week, or at the very most 2 pounds a week.

This is a much more achievable goal, and one that you can achieve without having to make drastic changes to your current lifestyle.

How can you lose a pound a week?

To lose weight you need to be burning off more calories than you consume.

To do this you will either have to cut calories from your diet, or increase your activity levels.

Whichever method you choose, to lose a pound in weight you will need to create a calorie deficit of 3,500 over the course of the week.

Below are some tips to help you achieve this goal:

#1: Watch your sandwich toppings

An easy way to save a few calories would be to cut back on sandwich toppings like mayo, cheese and tomato ketchup.

These are all high in calories, so swap for a lower calorie alternative or skip them entirely if weight loss is your end goal.

#2: Take up boxing

No, you don’t have to step inside a ring to experience the benefits of boxing, but hitting a punch bag for just half an hour could burn as many as 500 calories.

This activity is also great for stress relief, which also has its benefits.

High stress levels can affect the hormones that control your food cravings.

#3: Choose a healthier side

If you eat out often then choosing a side salad instead of chips or fries can make a huge difference to the number of calories you consume.

#4: Do the household chores

Housework burns calories, so if you have not given your home a good clean in a while perhaps it is time.

Chores for Weight LossYou could even put some music on and dance around while you clean, which will give you an even more impressive calorie burn.

#5: Cut those liquid calories

Liquid calories are those that you drink. For example those found in your favourite soft drink.

You should also watch the added sugars, milk and cream in your hot beverages too. They all contain calories too.

I would suggest choosing plain tap water to drink if you are looking to lose a pound a week.

Water does not contain any calories, but can help curb your appetite, while offering other health benefits too. Including improved digestion, clearer skin and healthier skin and hair.

#6: Go for a walk

An easy way to burn off extra calories would be to walk a little more everyday.

Perhaps go for an evening walk with family or friends, or even leave your car at home when you go to the local shops?

There are so many ways to get those extra few steps in daily.

#7: Swap red meat for fish

To save calories when choosing red meat like beef, you should always choose the leanest cut.

Alternatively, you could swap red meat for fish instead.

A T-bone steak could contain around 580 calories, while a fillet of white fish will contain only 240 calories.

It may not seem a lot, but it will mount up if you follow the other tips provided.

Losing a pound a week should not be too hard if you are willing to make a few simple changes. Hopefully the tips I have provided will help, good luck!

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