40 Incredibly Easy Weight Loss Tips

40 Incredibly Easy Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss does not need to be hard, with these incredibly easy weight loss tips you can make a few small changes that can make a huge difference to your weight the next time you jump on the scales.

#1: Keep a food diary

If you start writing down everything that you eat you are more likely to lose weight.

The reason? Well, for a start you will know what foods you eat are causing the weight issues you currently experience so you will be able to avoid them the next time.

#2: Add 10% more calories to what you think you are eating

Most people think they consume fewer calories than they do in reality.

Therefore if you think you have cut your calorie intake to say, 1,700 calories per day but are not losing weight perhaps the reason is that you are actually consuming more.

By adding an extra 10% (or 170 calories) you will have a more accurate estimate so will be able to make further adjustments if necessary.

#3: Get some online support

While face-to-face support is good the support garnered from an online source may be better.

A study at the University of Vermont found that those who has support online were more likely the keep the weight loss off.

#4: Be positive

If you focus on being positive you will be more likely to succeed. Use phrases like “I can lose weight” or “I will go for that walk” and you will start to believe them and start incorporating them into your daily life.

#5: Avoid those soft drinks

Did you know that you could be consuming an extra 245 calories every single day? This could add up to an astonishing 90,000 calories a year.

Cut these out by drinking water and you will certainly see a difference on the scales.

#6: Eat a little less

This may seem like an obvious tip but simply eating 3 fewer bites of your meal, or having one fewer daily treat can go a long way to you achieving your weight loss goals.

#7: Watch 1 hour less TV

Research has shown that the more TV you watch the more likely you are to be overweight.

Of course we all love the escapism of your favourite programs, but maybe you should watch only your favourites and avoid the rubbish. Perhaps go for a walk instead.

#8: Wash something

A 150-pound person could burn 4 calories per minute washing, so spending half an hour washing the car or the kitchen floor could enable you to burn as much as 120 calories.

#9: Wait until you are hungry to eat

Many of us eat purely out of boredom or habit, which is a bad sign that will surely be one reason for your weight gain.

If you could find another way to deal with these habits you will not be consuming all those unneeded calories.

#10: Sniff a banana, apple or peppermint

Research has shown that the more people sniff the less hungry they felt.

Banana for weight lossThe reason for this phenomenon is that the sniffing tricks your brain into thinking your are actually eating.

#11: Look at the colour blue

The colour blue can act as an appetite suppressant so you may want to paint your kitchen blue or start using blue plates.

Colours to avoid though are yellows, reds and oranges as these colours have been shown to encourage eating.

#12: Eat in front of a mirror

One particular study showed that when eating in front of a mirror the volunteers ate a third less.

#13: Walk up the stairs a few times

If you can spare 10 minutes a day then you could spend it walking up and down the stairs.

This is a great form of exercise and could help you burn off an extra 10 pounds a year according to the Centers for Disease Control.

#14: Walk 5 minutes for every 2 hours sitting

If you are stuck at a desk all day you are probably not getting enough exercise so will find burning calories difficult.

For every 2 hours you spend sat at the desk take a 5 minute break to go for a short walk. You will be surprised at how this short walk can add up over the course of the day.

#15: Aim for a 45 minute walk each day

You will often hear that a 30 minute walk is enough to ward off weight gain, but what about weight loss.

Well, those extra 15 minutes extra every day could help.

#16: Don’t buy prepared food

Prepared food often contains added sugar, fructose or corn syrup that should be avoided if you wish to lose weight.

Always take the time to read the labels to see exactly what it contains.

#17: Put your cutlery down between bites

When you put your cutlery down between bites you are inadvertently taking longer to eat your meal.

As your brain takes 20 minutes to realise that you are full this extra time will allow your brain to tell your body that it is full.

#18: Donate your ‘fat’ clothes

As you lose weight donate those clothes that no longer fit.

The reason for this is that this will serve as an incentive not to regain the lost weight, as you wont want to go through all the expense of buying a whole new wardrobe.

#19: Lock the kitchen at night

After dinner and after you have cleaned up for the night if possible lock the kitchen door.

The aim of this is to prevent those late night trips to the fridge.

#20: Go for a walk before dinner

A study at the University of Glasgow has shown that a 10 minute walk before dinner could help to cut your appetite, while also increasing your feelings of fullness.

#21: Go for an active outing with a friend

Instead of that trip to the movies or a meal perhaps you could encourage a friend to join you for a walk or bike ride.

Not only will you be saving calories by not having to eat popcorn or that high-calorie meal, but you will be burning them too by being active.

#22: Invest in a pedometer

Most people who lead a sedentary lifestyle will only walk between 2,000 and 3,000 steps a day.

If you want to lose weight find out how many steps you currently do daily then try to add an extra 1,000 to 2,000 steps to it.

#23: Put less on your plate

Again, another obvious tip, but if you want to eat less then simply put less on your plate.

#24: 90% of your meals should be eaten at home

When you eat out you are more likely to eat more.

Not only will the portion sizes be large but they will also tend to contain more fat and calories, which is a bad combination when you wish to lose weight.

#25: Serve food on plates

If you tend to serve your dinner from bowls and platters placed on the table then you may be eating more calories than you should.

By putting your food onto plates you will be able to judge the portion sizes more accurately.

#26: Avoid eating with lots of people

Studies have shown that the more people you eat with the more likely you are to overeat.

#27: Order the smallest portion

When out and about and are hungry then make sure you order the smallest portion available.

It is likely that this small portion will be enough to fill you up.

#28: Eat water-rich foods

Foods that contain a lot of water, such as cucumber and tomatoes are filling yet contain very few calories, which makes them ideal for any diet.

#29: Bulk up your meals with vegetables

Vegetables are a great way to fill the void in your stomach without adding too many calories to your daily limit.

#30: Watch those white foods

If possible you should try to avoid eating white rice, white pasta and white bread. You should aim to eat whole-grain alternatives whenever possible.

#31: Stick to standard coffee

If you are a fan of those fancy-named coffees then you may be surprised to learn that many of them contain hundreds of calories.

The reason for this is that they are full of creams and sugars.

A standard cup of coffee may not be as popular these days, but it can still give you that kick start to the day that you need, but without those added and unnecessary calories.

#32: If you must indulge, choose a fat-releasing food

There are some foods that may fall into the ‘treat’ category that may not be as bad for you as you think.

Take honey for example, in every tablespoon there are 64 fat releasing calories, or dark chocolate that may contain 168 calories in a 1oz square is also full of fat releasers.

#33: Make high-calorie treats the jewel rather than the crown

Basically this tip means that when you indulge you should make sure to put more emphasis on the healthier parts of the dessert.

For example, if you want a bowl of ice cream or cream, fill it with fruit beforehand and only add a small amount of your treat.

#34: Eat cereal for breakfast

There are numerous studies that show that those who eat cereal for breakfast are less likely to be obese.

Just make sure to avoid those sugary cereals, however. Instead aim for those that contain plenty of fibre like oatmeal for example.

#35: Choose spicy seasonings

These spicy seasonings will provide your food with plenty of flavour but without the calories that certain condiments provide; for example tomato ketchup or mayonnaise.

Spices for weight lossCertain spice have also been shown to boost the metabolism, which can help to burn extra calories.

#36: Choose whole fruit instead of juice

Fruit juice often contains hidden sugars that will do nothing for your waistline.

Whole fruit will also provide you with fibre from the skin so is more filling.

#37: Choose skimmed milk

Skimmed milk contains less fat than the other varieties so is obviously the better option for those looking to lose weight.

#38: Nuts are the perfect snack food

Rather than reaching for a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps when you feel hungry between meals, grab a handful of nuts instead.

They contain fewer calories, will help cut your appetite and some can even help boost your metabolic rate.

#39: Eat most of your calories before noon

There are studies that show that if you eat mostly in the morning you will be less hungry in the afternoon.

You will also have more opportunity to burn off those calories.

#40: Brush your teeth after each meal

If you clean your teeth after each meal it will help teach your brain that mealtime is over, therefore helping to cut your appetite and cravings.

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