Can You Eat And Still Lose Weight – Is it possible?

Can You Eat And Still Lose Weight – Is it possible?

If you want to lose weight you may think that your only option is to starve yourself, but this is simply not true.

It is possible for you to eat more than you currently do, and yet still lose weight.

Here are some tips to help you achieve this goal.

#1: Make a plan

You probably know the foods that you cannot resist, so if you have a party or meal planned then make a plan to ensure you make the healthier choices.

One suggestion would be to eat particularly healthy all day if you know you are likely to overindulge in the night, this can help compensate for any overindulgence.

#2: Understand your body

Do you have any emotional triggers that cause your to crave food? For example, stress or boredom?

You need to learn to control your hunger and cravings.

Allow yourself the occasional indulgence but you must learn when to stop.

#3: Use common sense

Food should really only be consumed for nourishment, as junk food only gives short-lived satisfaction.

Weight Loss SuccessOpting for healthy fresh foods will make your body feel good so should be your go-to option.

#4: Check those portions

Portion sizes have grown year on year, is it a coincidence that obesity levels have grown too?

While your food choices have a big impact on your weight, too large portion sizes will lead to weight gain too.

Just because you have dished out a large portion does not necessarily mean you have to eat it all.

Try to learn that once you are full you are allowed to stop eating.

#5: Use healthy alternatives

When I say healthy alternatives I don’t necessarily mean a boring salad, that is unless you really want one.

First start cutting back on the junk food, instead opt for fresh fruit and vegetables that should make up half of your plate.

Then choose foods that are rich in fibre, protein and good fats.

You most certainly don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight. Hopefully these simple tips will give you a few ideas of how to lose weight while still allowing yourself to eat.


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