5 Tips to Help You Eat Less but Still Feel Full

5 Tips to Help You Eat Less but Still Feel Full

Are you trying to lose weight? If so you will know the struggle of trying to eat less but still be satisfied with your food.

It can seem like an impossible task at times but thankfully the following tips will help you to eat less but still feel full, which will help keep you satisfied and more likely to stick to your diet.

#1: Stick to warm meals

When you are dieting you may think that your best option would be to stick to salads.

Of course a salad will be low in calories, but are they satisfying? Probably not.

Instead opt for steamed vegetables, they are also low in calories but contain much more fibre content that will ensure you are full and satisfied.

#2: Make sure your meal contains plenty of protein

Protein is an essential nutrient, and one that you should be eating with each meal of the day.

It is slow to digest so will keep you feeling full. It is also difficult to digest so will use up plenty of calories breaking it down.

For anyone who intends to workout, protein can also help repair the damaged muscle fibres. Therefore helping to reduce post-workout recovery times.

#3: Eat larger portions

So you are trying to lose weight, then obviously you need to drastically cut your portion sizes. Well, not necessarily.

You can see good weight loss results without cutting your portion sizes. You just need to make sure you change what you are eating.

A plate full with vegetables and a good protein source like chicken would be a better option than a smaller portion of burger and french fries.

Diet SuccessWeight loss is all about options, you can still eat larger portions if the food is healthy.

Remember these healthier options are usually naturally lower in calories, but are full of nutrients (like protein and fibre) that can fill you up.

#4: Don’t get distracted

If you are not paying attention to what you are eating it is likely that you will overeat and not feel satisfied with what you have eaten either.

Switch off any distractions (your mobile, laptop etc) and focus on the food in front of you.

#5: Let yourself eat fat

Diets that promote the cutting of fat from your diet are all the rage recently, but believe it or not but fat is an essential nutrient that your body requires.

To ensure many of your bodily functions work as they should you should eat good fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Good sources of these fats include:

  • Vegetable oils such as olive, rapeseed and sunflower oils
  • Avocados
  • Nuts and seeds

Not eating fat can also affect your appetite too, and can leave you craving junk food.

Just try to avoid the bad fats, such as unsaturated fats or trans fats.

Hopefully these few tips will help you on your weight loss journey, if you are on a diet and are struggling to remain satisfied then I am sure they will help.


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