12 Tips to Help you Eat Mindfully

12 Tips to Help you Eat Mindfully

Mindful eating has been shown to help those who struggle to achieve their weight loss goals, but for those who have never tried this technique before it maybe difficult to see any real results.

Here are a few tips to help you eat mindfully and finally start seeing the results you desire:

#1: Slow down

If you tend to rush your food then chances are you are consuming more than those who take their time.

The reason why you should slow down is to give your brain chance to receive the signal from your stomach that you are full.

This signal usually takes around 20 minutes to be sent, which if you rush could result in a lot of extra calories being consumed needlessly.

#2: Focus on your food

When you are eating this should be your sole focus.

If your attention is being taken by your phone or the television for example then you will not be fully aware of how much you have consumed so may consume much more than you need.

#3: Move away from the serving bowl

Once you have dished out a reasonable portion of food you should move away from the serving bowl to reduce the temptation to add more, or to go for second helpings.

#4: Use a smaller plate and serving utensils

By using a smaller plate and utensils you will believe that the portion sizes are large.

We often eat with our eyes, so this tip will trick your brain into thinking you are consuming more, when in reality you will be saving potentially hundreds of calories per meal.

#5: Serve ‘backwards

Usually when dishing out you will put the carbohydrates on first.

However, I suggest that you first put the vegetables on, then the protein-rich foods before finally adding the carbohydrates.

#6: Order first when out with friends and family

To avoid the temptation of ordering a starter or appetiser, make the point of ordering your meal first.

#7: Put your cutlery down between bites

This tip will slow down the rate you consume your food, which will fit in perfectly with tip #1.

#8: Take a sip of water

Water for Weight LossThere are various reasons why drinking water is helpful for mindful eating.

Firstly, when you are dehydrated you may feel more tired and more likely to succumb to temptation to overeat.

It can also help to slow down the speed that you eat your meal, plus can help to fill you up too.

#9: Don’t eat from the packet

To avoid the temptation of consuming the entire packet, put the crisps or biscuits on a plate or into a bowl.

Doing so will ensure you only eat what you put out. So you can use a little moderation.

#10: Focus on what you CAN have, not what you CAN’T

When you focus your attention on the foods you cannot eat you will only crave them more.

Instead focus on what you can eat, and the benefits of eating these foods.

#11: Don’t ignore your cravings

If you want to lose weight then you need to allow yourself the occasional treat.

Denying yourself all the foods you love will only leave you craving them more, which will only lead to you overindulging once the cravings become too unbearable.

The occasional treat will not ruin your overall efforts, but you must make sure these treats do not become a normal part of your day. You must use a little moderation.

#12: Save your favourite bit for last

By keeping the favourite part of your meal till last will help leave you feeling satisfied with your meal without allowing you to overindulge.

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