Eat Naughty Food yet Stay Slim

Eat Naughty Food yet Stay Slim

If you are on a diet then you may think that you need to cut out every naughty food from your diet.

Well, this isn’t the case, here is how you can eat those naughty foods that you love, yet still stay slim.

Naughty food #1 – Sugar

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth then you can still eat yoghurt, jam or sweetened breakfast cereals. You should still check the fat and calorie content of the foods, however.

It is okay for a woman to eat as much as 35 grams of sugar every day without much harm.

Naughty food #2 – Alcohol

We all love an occasional drink to relax, but the tip is not to overindulge. Alcohol will be stored as fat if you consume too much.

A small glass of wine with a healthy meal is the best option.

Naughty food #3 – Peanuts

You may often hear how nuts are the perfect snack food for those on a diet. While this is true peanuts are often salted, so are best avoided.

Try unsalted varieties as a healthy snack to avoid those cravings.

Naughty food #4 – Bread

White bread should be avoided when dieting as it is simply an unhealthy option. Granary bread is the best option as it is full of whole grains that can keep your blood sugar levels constant.

You should also try to use a low fat spread to avoid unnecessary calories and fat.

Naughty food #5 – Chocolate

An acceptable amount of chocolate per day is 30 grams, this is approximately 4-6 squares. This amount of chocolate contains around 150 calories and 9 grams of fat.

If this is not enough for you then to make it last longer you could grate the chocolate into a pile.

Naughty food #6 – Cheese

If you love cheese then choosing a strong cheese with maximum flavour is the best option as you wont need to use such a large amount to experience the taste.

Even when dieting you can still eat the food you love, just make sure you don’t overindulge or all your good work will be for nothing.

Have you any naughty foods that you simply cannot say no to?

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